Who is the guy in the pizza commercial?

He also has appeared in commercials for Pizza Hut, Dietz & Watson, Walmart, Dodge Motors, and Gain detergent….Craig Robinson (actor)

Craig Robinson
Birth name Craig Phillip Robinson
Born October 25, 1971 Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Medium Film, stand-up, television, singer
Alma mater Saint Xavier University (MEd) Illinois State University (BA)

Who voiced Pizza Head?

Walter Williams is the voice of Pizza Head in Pizza Hut.

Who is the guy in the Pizza Hut commercial 2021?

Craig Robinson
That customer just happens to be actor, Craig Robinson. Donning an artist’s smock and red beret, he’s so moved by Pizza Hut’s The Edge pizza that he can’t help but paint it as the masterpiece he believes it to be.

Who is in the current Pizza Hut commercial?

The actor who has apparently been obsessed with Pac-Man for almost four decades is none other than Craig Robinson. This actor/comedian uses his lovable energy to show viewers how many options we have for our pizzas, unlike poor Pac-Man, who has to eat the same dots every day.

Who is the gain commercial guy?

Craig Robinson’s
Craig Robinson’s New Ad Shows Gain Detergent is Nothing to Sniff At (Yes, It Is)

Who is the black man in the Pizza Hut commercials?

To help launch the campaign, Pizza Hut teamed up with new spokesperson, actor and comedian Craig Robinson (who defended our Reel 360’s editor’s name during a stand-up set), for a TV spot directed by Chelsea Picture’s David Gordon Green featuring the actor/comedian playing a retro PAC-MAN game while enjoying a $10 …

What did John DiMaggio do?

DiMaggio is known for his roles as Bender on Futurama, Marcus Fenix in the Gears of War franchise, Dr. Drakken on Kim Possible, Jake the Dog on Adventure Time, Wakka and Kimahri in Final Fantasy X, and Niblet on Pound Puppies.

How many voices does DiMaggio have?

Voice actor John DiMaggio tries his hand at improvising the voices of 11 random cartoon characters that he has never seen before. Using a similar technique he used for Bender (Futurama), Jake the Dog (Adventure Time), and Marcus Fenix (Gears of War), John brings these characters to life.

Who is the black guy that do the Pizza Hut commercial?

Is Craig Robinson in the Pizza Hut commercial?

Pizza Hut TV Spot, ‘No One Trends’ Featuring Craig Robinson.

Who is the black actor in the Pizza Hut commercial?

Who is the actress in the gains commercial?

Los Angeles, California, U.S.