Who is the general of BD army?

General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed
Chief of Army Staff (Bangladesh)

Chief of Army Staff
Incumbent General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed since 24 June 2021
Bangladesh Army
Type Bangladesh Army service chief
Abbreviation CAS

How many brigadier general are there in Bangladesh Army?

As of 2022, the army has 1 general, 5 lieutenant generals and 52 major generals.

Who is the CGS of BD army?

Shafiqur Rahman
Current Bangladesh Army Generals

Name Rank Title
Lieutenant Generals Shafiqur Rahman Chief of the General Staff (CGS)
Lieutenant Generals Ataul Hakim Sarwar Hasan Commandant
Lieutenant Generals Waker-uz-Zaman Principal Staff Officer
Major General Enayet Ullah Adjutant General

What is the highest rank of Bangladesh Army?

General. A four star General is the highest rank in the Bangladesh Army. Chief of Army Staff in Bangladesh Army is a four star General.

Who appoints army chief?

Chief of the Army Staff (India)

Chief of the Army Staff
Member of Strategic Policy Group Defence Planning Committee National Security Council Defence Acquisition Council
Reports to Prime Minister Minister of Defence Chief of Defence Staff
Seat Central Secretariat
Appointer ACC

Who is next Army chief?

Gen Manoj Pande
Gen Manoj Pande took charge as the 29th Chief of the Army Staff on Saturday after incumbent Gen MM Naravane retired from service. Gen Pande, who was serving as the vice chief, became the first officer from the Corps of Engineers to helm the force.

Which rank is higher colonel or brigadier?

colonel, the highest field-grade officer, ranking just below the general officer grades in most armies or below brigadier in the British services. A colonel was traditionally the commanding officer of a regiment or brigade.

Who is Indian Army Chief?

General Manoj Pande
NEW DELHI: General Manoj Pande took over as the 29th chief of the 12-lakh strong Indian Army from General MM Naravane on Saturday, even as the government is yet to appoint the country’s next chief of defence staff almost five months after General Bipin Rawat died in a helicopter crash.

Who is the colonel of Bangladesh?

Chief of Army Staff General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed on Tuesday took charge as the 10th colonel commandant of the Corps of Signals of the Bangladesh Army.

How many BGB are in Bangladesh?

News reports in 2018 stated the BGB had “54,000 troopers”. The 2020 edition of The Military Balance put the force’s personnel strength at 38,000, organized in 54 battalions and one riverine company.

What is the role of the DGFI in Bangladesh?

As one of the principal members of the Bangladeshi intelligence community, the DGFI reports to the Director-General and is primarily focused on providing intelligence for the Prime Minister, the Cabinet of Bangladesh, and the Armed Forces of Bangladesh.

What does DGFI stand for?

The Directorate General of Forces Intelligence ( Bengali: সামরিক গোয়েন্দা মহাপরিদপ্তর ), commonly known as DGFI is the military intelligence section of the Bangladesh Armed Forces, tasked with collection, collation, and evaluation of strategic and topographic information, primarily through human intelligence (HUMINT).

How many bureaus are there in the DGFI?

Twelve bureaus and nineteen detachments make up the primary structure of the organisation. The total manpower for DGFI is estimated to be around 12,000. The commanding post for DGFI is the DG followed by the DDG, director, senior additional director, additional director, deputy director and assistant director.

What is the relationship between DGFI and other secret services?

DGFI maintains active collaborations with very few other secret services around the world. Military Experts have termed the subcontinent as a beehive of intelligence and counterintelligence activity and labelled the DGFI, ISI, CIA, FSB, R&AW, MSS, Mossad, and MI6 as the big players in the Asian intelligence Scene.