Who is the collector of Nanded district Maharashtra?


Who is IAS officer of Nanded?

District Administration

Name Designation Phone
Dr. Vipin Itankar (I.A.S) District Collector, Nanded 02462-237101
Shri Nisar Tamboli (I.P.S) Special Inspector General, Nanded Region 02462-251316
Smt. Varsha D. Thakur- Ghuge, I.A.S. C.E.O ZP NANDED 02462-234207
Shri. Pramodkumar Shewale (I.P.S) S.P NANDED 02462-234504

Who is the CEO of Nanded?

ZP CEO Nanded: Varsha Thakur Age, Career Info & More –

Who is IG of Nanded?

Shri Nisar Tamboli
Shri Nisar Tamboli (I.P.S) | District Nanded, Government of Maharashtra | India.

What is the population of Nanded in 2020?

The metro area population of Nanded Waghala in 2021 was 706,000, a 2.32% increase from 2020. The metro area population of Nanded Waghala in 2020 was 690,000, a 2.37% increase from 2019. The metro area population of Nanded Waghala in 2019 was 674,000, a 2.28% increase from 2018.

Which is the biggest taluka in Nanded district?

Talukas in Nanded District, Maharashtra

# Taluka District
1 Nanded Nanded
2 Mukhed Nanded
3 Hadgaon Nanded
4 Kandhar Nanded

How can I become a deputy collector in Maharashtra?

Deputy collector is selected through state civil services exams i.e i case of maharashtra,MPSC. So you will have to pass MPSC exam. Every person who is a graduate and fulfills age criteria can appear for PCS examinations and if selected can become a deputy collector.

Who is deputy collector of Nanded?

Collector Office

Name Designation Landline No
Shri. Pradeep P. Kulkarni Residential Deputy Collector 02462-248418
Shri. Latif Pathan District Supply Officer,Nanded 02462-232521
Smt. Anuradha Dhalkari Deputy Collector EGS 02462-245066
Smt. Deepali Motiyele Deputy Election Officer,Nanded 02462-235762

Who is Varsha Thakur?

Varsha Thakur has 16.5 years experience in delivering excellence in the domain of HR* to transform the organization with focus on people, process on technology dimensions to facilitate the individuals, teams and organizations in accomplish their KPIs setting new benchmarks of excellence for maximizing value of the …

Who is Nisar Tamboli?

IPS officer Nisar Tamboli, currently posted as Commandant of SRPF, had to be hospitalised after he collapsed while running the Mumbai Marathon on Sunday, police said. The sales tax department has lodged 47 FIRs, involving over Rs 15 crore, against steel traders for tax evasion.