Who is president Bonjo?

Ali Bongo Ondimba
Political party PDG
Spouse(s) Sylvia Valentin
Children Malika Noureddin Jalil Bilal
Residence(s) Presidential Palace Libreville, Gabon

How long has Gabon president been in power?

President of Gabon

President of the Gabonese Republic
Presidential standard
Incumbent Ali Bongo Ondimba since 16 October 2009
Residence Presidential Palace, Libreville
Term length 7 years

When was the president of Gabon elected?

Official results. The election was held on 27 August 2016. On the day after the elections, Ping declared victory and said that he was “waiting for the outgoing president to call to congratulate me”, although no results had been officially announced.

Is Gabon a democracy?

Under the 1961 constitution (revised in 1975 and rewritten in 1991), Gabon became a republic with a presidential form of government. The National Assembly of Gabon has 120 deputies elected for a five-year term. The president is elected by universal suffrage for a seven-year term.

What did Omar Bongo?

El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba (born Albert-Bernard Bongo; 30 December 1935 – 8 June 2009) was a Gabonese politician who was the second President of Gabon for 42 years, from 1967 until his death in 2009.

Who was Gabon first president?

Léon M’ba
Léon M’ba in 1964
1st President of Gabon
In office 12 February 1961 – 28 November 1967
Vice President Paul-Marie Yembit Albert-Bernard Bongo

When did Gabon gain independence from whom?

In 1910 Gabon became one of the four territories of French Equatorial Africa. On 15 July 1960 France agreed to Gabon becoming fully independent. On 17 August 1960 Gabon became an independent country.

What is a person from Gabon called?

Gabonese may refer to: Something of, from, or related to the country of Gabon. A citizen of Gabon, see demographics of Gabon.

Who is Ali Bongo married to?

In 1988, Sylvia met Ali Bongo Ondimba and married him a year later, in 1989. They have three children: Noureddin Edouard, Jalil, and Bilal, adopted by the couple in 2002.