Who is eligible to use OGS centralized contracts?

If you are, among others, a state agency, a public authority or benefit corporation, a local government or political subdivision, a volunteer organization (such as ambulance services & fire companies), or a registered charitable organization, you may be eligible to use OGS centralized statewide contracts. Contracts are divided into three types:

How do I find contracts in OGS?

Find OGS centralized contracts by group number, award number, or title. View a complete listing of all statewide contracts. Products on Contract to Help Minimize Coronavirus Spread – Information for… This is where you search by contractor name. Search PDF by Group #… Search PDF by Description, Group #, and Class Codes.

What is open government services (OGS)?

OGS services for state and local governments. OGS contracting opportunities, business certifications, and outreach. State office building and event information for visitors.

What does the CG 2010 04/13 say about limits of insurance?

The CG 2010 04/13, for example (and many equivalent, proprietary forms which may include similar language), contains a provision that states – emphasis added: “C. With respect to the insurance afforded to these Additional Insureds, the following is added to Section III – Limits Of Insurance:

When was the New York state contracting agencies act adopted?

Adopted by the Council of Contracting Agencies on December 14, 2010 Adopted by the New York State Procurement Council on June 15, 2011 Updated October 2015 Updated September 2021

What does CGCG 00 09 04 13 mean?

CG 00 09 04 13 © Insurance Services Office, Inc., 2012 Page 5 of 9 h. Expenses incurred by the insured for first aid administered to others at the time of an accident for “bodily injury” to which this insurance applies. These payments will not reduce the limits of insurance. 2.