Who is current corps commander Lahore?

The current corps commander is Lieutenant General Muhammad Abdul Aziz….IV Corps (Pakistan)

IV Corps
Badge of 4 Corps, Lahore
Active June 1965 – Present
Country Pakistan
Allegiance Pakistan Army

Who is corps commander Karachi?

Lieutenant General Muhammad Saeed, Corps Commander Karachi and Lieutenant General Sahir Shamshad Mirza, pinned the badges of ‘New Colonel in Chief’ of Sind Regiment to General Nadeem Raza, Chairman JCSC.

Who is core commander?

The new corps commanders are Lt. General Salahuddin Satti (Rawal-pindi), Lt. General Syed Athar Ali (Karachi), Lt.

Who is the core commander of Peshawar?


Structure of XI Corps
Corps Corps HQ Corps Commander
XI Corps Peshawar Lt. Gen. Faiz Hameed

Who is the 3 corps Commander?

. Robert “Pat” White
III Corps (United States)

III Corps
Engagements World War I World War II Iraq Campaign Operation Inherent Resolve
Commander Lt. Gen. Robert “Pat” White

How many major generals are in Pakistan Army?

196 Major Generals
This is the list of serving generals in the Pakistan Army. Currently, the Army has 2 Generals, 27 Lieutenant Generals and 196 Major Generals.

Who is Lt General Nadeem Ahmed Anjum?

Lieutenant General Nadeem Ahmed Anjum is a three-star general in the Pakistan Army and is currently serving as the Director-General of the ISI since 20 November 2021.

Who is General of Pakistan Army?

According to various media reports, Khan made a botched attempt to replace Pakistan Army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa in order to bring someone more pliant and sympathetic to his idea of “foreign conspiracy” and cling on to power.

Who is General Faiz?

Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed HI(M) is a three-star ranking general in the Pakistani Army. He is currently serving as Commander of the XI Corps. Previously, he was commissioned in the Baloch Regiment and served as the 24th Director-General of the ISI.

Who is the leader of Fort Hood?