Who is Arthur George Jennings?

Sir Arthur Jennings, sometimes nicknamed Artie, is a former politician who was murdered by being pushed off a balcony at the Sunset Beach Hotel in Montego Bay.

What genre is a brief history of seven killings?

Historical Fiction
A Brief History of Seven Killings/Genres

In his third novel, A Brief History Of Seven Killings, James is exploring multiple genres: the political thriller, the oral biography, and the classic whodunit to confront the untold history of Jamaica in the late 1970’s; of the assassination attempt on Bob Marley, and the country’s own clandestine battles of the cold …

Where does a brief history of seven killings take place?

Kingston, Jamaica
The first part of the novel is set in Kingston, Jamaica, in the build-up to the Smile Jamaica Concert held on 5 December 1976, and describes politically motivated violence between gangs associated with the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and the People’s National Party (PNP), especially in the West Kingston neighbourhoods …

How many characters are in Brief History of seven killings?

The novel follows their fictional deaths over the coming years, a gruesome catalogue of violence fuelled by cocaine and guns, with the truly demonic Josey Wales at its centre. The novel has a formidable cast list of 75 characters.

Was there an assassination attempt on Bob Marley?

The attempted assassination of Bob Marley occurred in Kingston, Jamaica on December 3, 1976, when seven armed men raided the residence of reggae musician Bob Marley two days before he was to stage a concert in an attempt to quell recent violence.

Who is the author of the famous book A Brief History of seven killings?

Marlon JamesA Brief History of Seven Killings / Author

Did Rita Marley take a bullet for Bob?

The gunmen shot Marley and his wife, Rita, in what many suggest was a politically motivated assassination attempt. “She got shot in her head,” Ziggy Marley said of his mother. “She got a bullet in her head, one inch from the brain, during the time of the assassination attempt. My father got shot in the hand.”

How did Bob Marley died How old?

36 years (1945–1981)Bob Marley / Age at death