Who Funds Australia Zoo?

A popular Northern Territory wildlife park has welcomed a $94.6 million dollar funding package from the Federal Government to help keep Australian zoos and aquariums open during the coronavirus pandemic.

How much money does Melbourne zoo make?

number of 285,000 members and revenue levels of $16 million.

How is Melbourne zoo funded?

The Zoos Victoria Endowment is an investment fund that has been established under the sound governance of the Zoological Parks and Gardens Board. The fund will grow over time through intelligent investments and additional contributions, donations and bequests.

Who owns the Melbourne Zoo?

The Zoological Parks and Gardens Board
The Zoological Parks and Gardens Board, trading as Zoos Victoria, is a Victorian state government-owned body, responsible for the governance of Victoria’s three zoos: Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary and Werribee Open Range Zoo.

Is Melbourne Zoo for profit?

We’re a not-for-profit organisation, so every dollar counts. Each time you visit one of our zoos, donate, buy a memento from our shops, or share what you’ve discovered, you’re helping us to protect wildlife. So, thank you.

Does Taronga Zoo make a profit?

Taronga is a not for profit organisation, we are for the wild. The revenue earned through our Zoos, accommodation, events and donations through the Taronga Foundation, goes directly back into the support, care and conservation of wildlife.

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