Who are the Air Cadets of Canada?

Welcome to www.aircadets.ca. The Royal Canadian Air Cadetsis a national organization for Canadian youth between the ages of 12 and 19. This organization is made possible through a partnership between the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forcesand the Air Cadet League of Canada.

What is the Air Cadet League?

The Air Cadet League has been in operation since 9 April 1941. We are a proud non-profit whose mission is to promote and encourage the nation’s youth to develop and maintain an interest in aviation, leadership and citizenship, in partnership with the Canadian Armed Forces and other organizations.

Where can I find out more about the air cadet program?

The National Canadian Cadet Organizationswebsite is a great resource to find out more about the Air Cadet program. This video was produced by the Directorate of Cadets (of The Canadian Forces, through the Department of National Defence) that shows some of the great activities for youth in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets:

Can air cadets fly in airplanes?

Members of the Air Cadet Program will be given opportunities to fly in an airplane or glider during their time with the cadets. During this flight, the pilot demonstrates certain movements of the aircraft and explains the important phases of the flight. It is a perfect opportunity to see in practice all the concepts taught during training.

How do I join the 27 Squadron?

Welcome to the 27 squadron city of London air cadet squadron. For information on joining the 27 Squadron please contact [email protected], We are always recruiting and looking for new members.

How do I find squadrons in Canada?

All Squadrons in Canada are listed on the Find a cadet corps or squadronsite. Squadrons can be found by Province, City and Squadron Number. 2) Squadron websites hosted at www.aircadets.ca Use the map below or the list of Squadrons to locate Squadrons that have a website hosted here at www.aircadets.ca.

What is the purpose of Air Cadets?

The aim of the Air Cadet Program is to develop in youth the attributes of good citizenship and leadership; promote physical fitness; and stimulate the interest of youth in the air activities of the Canadian Forces. The Air Cadet motto is “To learn.