Who are famous devotees of Lord Krishna?

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  • Bhakti Hridaya Bon.
  • Mahanambrata Brahmachari.

Does Krishna choose devotees?

No, he doesn’t choose his devotees as such. His love is beyond measurement, hence it is for all. Anyone can become his devotee.

Who is the best friend of Lord Krishna?

Sudama was Lord Krishna’s classmate and a very intimate friend. Lord Krishna was a King. Sudama was an impoverished poor Brahmin. This difference did not come in the way of their true friendship.

Does Krishna love devotees?

But the most beautiful and wonderful of quality of the Lord is He is bhaktavatsala. That means He takes such great pleasure in receiving the loving sentiments of His devotees that He becomes subordinate, overpowered and conquered by the love of devotees if it is genuine and comes by His own sweet will.

Who is Krishna favorite devotee?

Raskhan was an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna and a disciple of Goswami Vithalnathji. It is said at one time he was deeply attached to a son of a Baniya.

Who is the Favourite devotee of Lord Krishna?

Meera, better known as Mirabai and venerated as Sant Meerabai was a 16th-century Hindu mystic poet and devotee of Krishna.

How do you love krishn?

He is going to reciprocate according to our attitude. The easiest way of pleasing Krishna is by chanting holy names and serving Vaishnava and showing compassion to fallen souls. In community we should help each other. Lord Chaitanya interacted with His devotees with the same principle showing how to create community.

How can I impress Lord Krishna?

The ideal time to chant Krishna mantra is Brahma Muhurat between 4 am and 6 am. Take bath early in the morning. Take bath and sit in front of a picture of Lord Krishna. Chant the chosen mantra in multiples of 108 times keeping count with a Tulsi mala.

Why does Krishna hurt his devotees?

Because Krishna wants to show us that this world is filled with suffering. So we should make plans to get out of it. But no matter whatever may be the reason for our suffering and whatever may be the intensity of our suffering we always have an opportunity to be Krishna Conscious.

How do I become a pure devotee of Lord Krishna?

To become a Hare Krishna, you must read the sacred texts, chant and meditate, and live your life based on the principles of Lord Krishna….Practice Bhakti Yoga.

  1. Chanting.
  2. Studying sacred texts.
  3. Spending time with other Hare Krishna devotees.
  4. Upholding the four principles.
  5. Eating a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Do you know the whole story of Krishna?

So you think you know him – but actually no one does. The story of Krishna from start to finish is a bit of a jigsaw puzzle, with anecdotes from here, there and everywhere. In his new book, Shyam, mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik finally puts together the whole story of Krishna.

What is the great devotee story about false letter from Krishna?

Great devotee story: False letter from Krishna! Rahim was a devotee of Krishna, and he used to give charity continuously, and when he used to give, he would always do it with his eyes lowered. He said I do not want to see the gratitude in the eyes of the receiver, because he said I am not the giver! One day someone…

Why do we love Lord Krishna?

We’ve all grown up listening to stories of Lord Krishna. He’s a butter thief, a mischief-maker, an exuberant imp with the literal ability to move mountains. He’s also very romantic and plays the flute with divine grace. He’s also a god, you learn as you grow older.

How many wives did Lord Krishna have?

Krishna’s life in Dwaraka is something of a mystery: few stories of Krishna, the husband and householder are retold. People are familiar with his two most well-known wives, Satyabhama and Rukmini.