Which US Virgin island has the best restaurants?

Savant, St. Croix is known as the foodie capital of the U.S. Virgin Islands, it’s only fitting to start your culinary tour at Savant, located on the island near the historic Fort Christiansvaern.

What food is the Virgin Islands known for?

Stewed oxtail, beef, goat and chicken are all popular. Saltfish is favorite as a dish or in pates. Side dishes include rice and peas, yams, fried plantains, dasheen, sweet potato, cassava, beans and lentils. Below you will find a few recipes for island favorites!

What drink is St Thomas famous for?

The Virgin Islands are known for a signature drink called the Painkiller.

What is St Croix national dish?

Conch Fritters Although Fish & Fungi is considered the national dish of the Virgin Islands, one flavorful sea snail is widely embraced, too. That would be the conch, and it appears on the menu of nearly every restaurant that serves local cuisine.

What’s the drinking age in the Virgin Islands?

The legal drinking age in the US. Virgin Islands is eighteen (18). It is a violation of law for alcohol to be sold to any person under the age of eighteen (18). Minors are prohibited from assisting with alcoholic products.

What language do Virgin Islanders speak?

There are a wide variety of languages spoken in the U.S. Virgin Islands: English is currently the dominant language. English has been the predominant language since 1917, when the islands were transferred from Denmark to the United States. Spanish is spoken by about 17% of the population.

What language do they speak in St. Croix?

English is the official language, but some French is spoken on St. Thomas, and Spanish is spoken on St. Croix among Puerto Rican immigrants.

What is Potfish?

Then comes the pot fish (so named because it was traditionally caught with a pot), a whole bony reef fish deep fried until crisp and topped with sweet onion gravy.

Do U.S. cell phones work in U.S. Virgin Islands?

AT and Sprint are the main cell phone carriers and generally honor rates and calling plans just like calling from state to state while in the USVI. Other cell phone providers most likely work, but will incur nasty roaming charges.

What are the best restaurants in the US Virgin Islands?

The U.S. Virgin Islands offer an assortment of restaurant options that range from white tablecloth establishments to affordable diners and fast food joints. For a good meal, try Frenchtown or Red Hook restaurants in St. Thomas, or the eateries by Cruz Bay on St. John. There are also a handful of good options on St. Croix’s West End.

Where is the best Italian restaurant in Virginia Highland?

One moment you’re in Virginia Highland, and the next you’re transported to a rustic Italian trattoria. La Tavola offers all your favorite dishes, from veal meatballs to tiramisu, not to mention an extensive wine list which you’ll find has something that pairs perfectly with anything.

Where to eat on Chincoteague Island?

Restaurants in Chincoteague Island 1. Bill’s PRIME Seafood & Steaks. 2. The Village. 3. Famous Pizza and Sub Shop. 4. AJ’s on the Creek. 5. Etta’s Channel Side Restaurant. 6. Saigon Village Restaurant. 7. Beach Road Round Up. 8. Don’s Seafood Restaurant. 9. J & B Subs. 10. Steamers

What are the US Virgin Islands famous for?

Although the U.S. Virgin Islands are most famous for their gorgeous beaches, idyllic sailing, and luxurious villas, the culinary scene on the islands of St. John, St. Thomas, and St. Croix is not to be overlooked.