Which is best perfume in Ajmal?

Top 10 Ajmal Perfumes

Ajmal Expedition Eau De Parfum for Men 100ml Rs.1,000
Ajmal Jewel of India Mukhallat CP for Men And WoMen, 10 ml Rs.1,000
Ajmal Shadow Her Edp 75ml Rs.8,168
Ajmal Jade Deodorant for Women 150ml Rs.225

What is the price of Ajmal perfume?

Online Shopping at Myntra Price List

Online Shopping at Myntra PRICE (RS)
Ajmal Men Shadow II Eau De Parfum 75 ml Rs. 1575
Ajmal Men Oath Eau De Parfum – 100 ml Rs. 3150
Ajmal Shadow II Femme Eau De Parfum 75 ml Rs. 1575
Ajmal Unisex Pack of 3 Perfume Rs. 1260

Is Ajmal a luxury brand?

Coming from humble beginnings in Assam, India, Ajmal Perfumes is today a luxury perfumery brand to reckon with.

Where are Ajmal perfumes from?

Ajmal Perfumes Founded by the Late Haji Ajmal Ali, Ajmal was established in the early 1950s in Assam, India. Ever since, the brand has grown into a leading perfumery with multiple branches in Dubai and other GCC members.

Which is the long lasting perfume from Ajmal?


Are Ajmal Perfumes alcohol free?

Concentrated fragrance oil scent made with natural essential oils. This is a long-lasting fragrance. Free from alcohol.

Who is the owner of Ajmal?

Badruddin Ajmal

Mawlana Badruddin Ajmal
Born 12 February 1950 Hojai, Assam, India
Nationality India
Political party All India United Democratic Front (2005 to present)
Spouse(s) Rehana Badruddin Ajmal

What does Ajmal mean?

More Beautiful
The name Ajmal is primarily a male name of Arabic origin that means More Beautiful.

Is Ajmal perfume Indian brand?

Saurav Bhattacharya [SB]: Ajmal has Indian origins, but in 1976, Haji Ajmal Ali moved the company’s headquarters to Dubai, UAE, and opened the first Ajmal outlet there.

Is Ajmal perfume Indian?

Is Ajmal cruelty free?

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