Where is Toland in the shattered ruins ascendant challenge?

So let’s begin straightway in order to find Toland, head to where the weekly Ascendant Challenge portal is located, use a Tincture of Queensfoil, and go inside. Toland is a white wisp floating around in a hidden location.

How do you complete the memory of Toland the shattered?

The Memory of Toland, the Shattered, is a small quest in Destiny 2….This quest has you repairing a journal of Toland’s by defeating Hive across the Moon.

  1. Step 1: Defeat a Trove Guardian and loot its chest.
  2. Step 2: Collect pages by defeating Hive with a Relic sword.
  3. Step 3: Return to Eris Morn.
  4. Step 4: Claim your reward.

Where is Toland the shattered?

In Forsaken, Toland appears as a floating ball of light in the Ascendant Realm within the Dreaming City. Upon encountering him, he reluctantly agrees to lead the Guardian out of the Ascendant Realm. Toland can also be found in the Ascendant Realm in certain spots during an Ascendant Challenge.

Where is Toland in this weeks ascendant challenge?

Toland is found within the Ascendant Challenge area, as a wisp that is hovering somewhere in side. It’s location changes each time but is usually on the critical path.

Where is Toland This week 2021?

Where is Toland this week? You can find Toland inside the Portal area. The location of Toland always changes you can get it by completing the bounty. You need to pop a Tincture of Queensfoil to make the Ascendant portal appear in the location.

Where is Toland Bay of drowned wishes?

Ahamkara Bone
Ahamkara Bone: Eventually you’ll come to this sloped platform. Go up it, and you’ll see a tree to the right. The bone is situated around the tree. This area is also where you’re likely to find Toland.

What is memory of Vell tarlowe?

Destiny 2’s Memory of Vell Tarlowe quest is part of a series of weekly tasks that can be obtained from Eris Morn on the Moon. Primarily, this mission centers around obtaining Vell Tarlowe’s Reforged Mark, and that is ultimately accomplished by collecting a total of 25 Mark Fragments.

Where does the trove Guardian spawn this week?

There are three locations that he can spawn in, Archer’s Line, Hellmouth, or Anchor of Light.

Who killed Toland?

He was killed by the Hive as the fireteam failed to kill Crota. While he failed to kill Crota, he did manage to pass on some of his knowledge of the Hive to Eris before his death.

Where is the ascendant Challenge This week 2021?

The ascendant challenge this week is Forfeit Shrine , located at the Gardens of Esila also the cursed level for this challenge is Weak .

Is Toland still alive?

Toland is still alive in some sense, communicating from the other side of death. In Destiny 1, this was known as the Hive’s throne world. After his death, Toland finds himself in “…the Overworld, the Sea of Screams, where the throne-universes of the great Hive fester in eternal majesty.”

Is Dreaming City getting vaulted?

Alongside Forsaken, Destiny 2 will also be vaulting the Tangled Shore destination and some Year 4 seasonal content, including the Presage and Harbinger Exotic missions. The Dreaming City, however, will stay open.

What happened to Toland the shattered?

Toland, the Shattered was a Warlock Sunsinger who studied the Darkness and eventually went mad, leaving the Last City in exile. He was an expert on “forbidden” Hive Arcana; for that reason, he was recruited by the Praxic Warlock Eriana-3 to be part of the six Guardian Fireteam who delved into the Hellmouth in search of Crota.

How do I pick up the bounty challenge in Toland Destiny 2?

Check out our Toland Destiny 2 guide on how to finish the bounty Challenge: The Shattered. To pick up the Challenge: The Shattered bounty from Petra Venj, you’re going to have to be kicking around the Dreaming City.

Where is Toland in Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2, Toland can be found in the Ascendant Plane, although he spawns in a different place sometimes. The player will also need the Tincture of Queensfoil to find him. In the past, Toland wielded both Bad Juju and Shadow Price. Toland gave the “Emerald Light” bond to Eris so the Hive would think that she was one of them.

How do I complete the shattered-Toland located challenge?

Once you locate Toland and listen to what he has to say, the Challenge: The Shattered – Toland Located will complete and can be turned in from your inventory. For help with all things Guardian, head to the Destiny 2 strategy guide and see what we’ve been working on.