Where is Deepak Chaurasia now?

On December 9, a video of senior journalist Deepak Chaurasia, who’s presently working as a consulting editor with News Nation, paying on-air tribute to the late General Bipin Rawat in an alleged inebriated state went viral.

Who is Deepak Chaurasia wife?

Deepak Chaurasia
Genre Journalism
Notable works News Nation, Star News, ABP News, India news, Aaj Tak
Spouse Anasuya Roy
Children 1 child

Is Deepak Chaurasia terminated?

According to sources, the News Nation management has sacked Senior Editor Neeraj Kumar and show producer Vivek Bhatnagar. Chaurasia, however, has managed to get away scot-free and has been able to save his prime-time anchoring slot on the channel.

What is the age of Deepak Chaurasia?

53 years (December 28, 1968)Deepak Chaurasia / Age

Is Deepak Chaurasia with News Nation?

Chaurasia joined News Nation in April 2019. Bhatnagar began working for the channel six months later and became the producer of Chaurasia’s show.

Where is Shweta Singh now?

Sweta Singh is an Indian journalist and news presenter. She is a news anchor and Senior Executive Editor of Special Programming at Aaj Tak.

Is Sweta Singh married?

Sweta Singh
Spouse(s) Sanket Kotkar
Website swetasingh.com

What happened to Deepak Chaurasia from Aaj Tak?

Deepak joined DD News as a consulting editor in 2003. He returned to Aaj Tak in July 2004. Deepak later joined STAR News which became ABP News. Currently, he is editor in chief of India News. His Show “Tonight with Deepak Chaurasia” is very popular.

Did Chaurasia pay tribute to CDs Bipin Rawat?

A video of Chaurasia went viral on social media in which the journalist was paying tribute to Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat, who was killed in a tragic helicopter crash in Tamil Nadu’s Coonoor on 8 December 2021 along with his wife Madhulika Rawat and 11 more.

Why did Chaurasia sue Media Sarkar for defamation?

The party responded by calling the footage fabricated, a violation of the Model Code of Conduct and threatening to sue Media Sarkar and any TV channels that aired the video. Thereafter Chaurasia was sued for defamation by the party national secretary, who alleged that the sting operation was faked to harm the party’s fame.

Who is Chaurasia Roy’s wife?

He claimed that he was suffering side-effects after having consumed a large quantity of painkillers to alleviate pain from a hairline fracture in his leg. He is married to Anasuya Roy . ^ “Indiantelevision.com’s Breaking News: Chaurasia accepts DD News post”.