Where does West Side Highway start?

West 72nd Street
The West Side Highway, also known as the Joe DiMaggio Highway, extends from West 72nd Street along the Hudson River to the southern tip of Manhattan.

What are the exits on the Henry Hudson Parkway?

New York State Roads – Henry Hudson Parkway Exit List

Mile Northbound Southbound
1.9 Exit 11 West 96th Street Exit 11 West 95th Street
1.9 South Henry Hudson Parkway
3.7 Exit 12 West 125th Street
4.9 Exit 13 West 158th Street

Is the West Side Highway the same as the Henry Hudson Parkway?

The Henry Hudson Parkway is a major north/south route on the West Side of Manhattan. The West Side Highway (NY 9A) becomes the Henry Hudson Parkway in the vicinity of West 72 Street. It runs north along through Riverside Park along the Hudson River to the northern end of Manhattan.

Why was the West Side Highway abandoned?

Plans were drafted, but not executed. By 1971, a plan evolved for the elevated highway to be replaced by an underground interstate-quality highway, which came to be called Westway. It received approval from many levels of government, from the city to the federal, but was scuttled in 1985 owing to environmental issues.

When did the West Side Highway collapse?

December 15, 1973
1973 collapse On December 15, 1973, the northbound lanes between Little West 12th Street and Gansevoort Street collapsed under the weight of a dump truck, which was carrying over 60,000 pounds (27,000 kg) of asphalt for ongoing repairs of the highway.

How long is the West Side Highway?

5.42 miWest Side Highway / Length

Is 9A the Henry Hudson Parkway?

Further north in Manhattan, NY 9A becomes the Henry Hudson Parkway, a limited-access highway for noncommercial vehicles only. It runs north through Manhattan past the George Washington Bridge (I-95).

Is Henry Hudson Bridge toll both ways?

The Henry Hudson Bridge saw the largest decline in the number of tolled traffic charges among all the crossings, with a 77% drop from March 22-28, according to MTA data. It costs $7 each way in tolls by mail to cross the span linking Upper Manhattan and the Riverdale section of The Bronx.

Is West Street the same as West Side Highway?

The West Side Highway’s surface section takes three names: West Street from the Battery Park Underpass north to Tenth Avenue, then Eleventh Avenue to 22nd Street, and finally Twelfth Avenue to 59th Street.

Can you walk along the Hudson River?

Hudson River Skywalk Today, visitors can enjoy strolling the multi-use path for panoramic views of the surrounding Catskill Mountains and river towns. The trail is two miles roundtrip, and visitors will be able to explore both historic sites.

What is the speed limit on the West Side Highway?

30 mph
MANHATTAN (WABC) — New speed limits took effect Saturday on the West Side Highway as part of the Vision Zero pedestrian safety program. City officials are restricting how fast cars can travel between 59th Street and Battery Place. The 35 mile an hour speed limit is dropping to 30 mph, with new signs installed.

Can trucks drive on 9A in NY?

New York State Route 9A (NY 9A) is a state highway in the vicinity of New York City in the United States….

New York State Route 9A
Restrictions No commercial vehicles on the Henry Hudson Parkway
Major junctions
South end FDR Drive / I-478 (Battery Tunnel) / Battery Place in Battery Park City