Where can I write a blog to get paid?

Best Technology Sites for Getting Paid to Blog

Blog Name Paid Amount Per Post Payment Method
Site Point $150 to $200 PayPal
iPad AppStorm $60 PayPal
Envato Tuts+ $100 to $250 PayPal
Linode Up to $300 PayPal

How do you make money writing a blog?

How to make money from blogging

  1. Use affiliate marketing on your blog.
  2. Add banner adverts to your website.
  3. Write advertorials and sponsored content.
  4. Charge for sponsored social media posts.
  5. Write guest blog posts for media outlets.
  6. Work with an agency to build your blog.
  7. Sell digital products on your blog.

How can I make 1000 a day?

Quality content writers are the need of the hour for every business.

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  3. 1) Fiverr.
  4. 2) Upwork.
  5. 3) Freelancer.com.
  6. 4) Clickworker.
  7. 5) PeoplePerHour.
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Can I create a blog with my phone?

In today’s world of continuous, ever-advancing technology, most smart phones now provide you with the ability to publish blog posts directly from your smart phone. Most blogging platforms contain settings that you can modify for the ability to blog from your smart phone by email.

How do I get paid for writing blogs?

– There is no investment required. – You don’t have to pay any “start up” fee. – The pay is relatively fast. In fact, there are many blogs and online magazines that pay you for stories and articles instantly. – And there is no shortage of freelance writing gigs.

How to earn money by writing blogs?

Write a blog post about your advice the easier it will be to attract an interested audience and earn money with your blog.” Squarespace and Wix are two websites that offer advice on how to start a blog and can also host it. The e-book industry is

What type of blogs make the most money?

– Working normal jobs and trying to make something of our lives but feeling like we were just spinning our wheels – Our bank accounts slowly went up, only to crash right back down again – Never getting to travel or explore the world [before we were 65 and retired] like we always dreamed of

Can I earn money by writing blogs?

The Daily Heckle is a blog for bloggers who want to get paid for sharing their opinions. Writers can earn money based on how popular their posts are. Topics: News, Sports, Politics, Travel, TV, Music, Movies, etc. Note: The Everyday Windshield and The Daily Heckle are listed here as they are regularly publishing new blog posts.