Where are the RFD-TV studios located?

Nashville, Tennessee
Production and uplinking facilities for RFD-TV are located at 49 Music Square West, Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee.

Who is gottsch wife?

Raquel Gottsch is Chief Executive Officer of The Cowboy Channel, and has served for well over a decade in a number of progressive media, communications and marketing roles for Rural Media Group, Inc. This includes not only the networks (RFD-TV, FamilyNet and RURAL TV), but also RFD-TV The Magazine.

How do I contact RFD-TV?

  1. Press.
  2. If you are a member of the media requiring additional information, please contact: [email protected]
  3. Download Press Kits:
  4. Connect With Us on Social Media:

Who is Scott shellady?

Scott Shellady began his professional career in the late 1980s or early 1990s and is currently the host of RFD TV’s The Cow Guy Close programme. In addition, he worked as an adjunct finance professor at DePaul University in Chicago.

Is RFD TV now free?

RFD-TV Now is available for $9.99 a month or $89.99 a year.

What channel is RFD-TV?

RFD-TV is available through DirecTV (345), Dish Network (231), AT 568 along with Time Warner, Comcast, Charter, Suddenlink, Cox and other cable providers. Check your current provider for details or log on to www.rfdtv.com.

Who is the cow guy?

The Cow Boy: Scott Shellady Wikipedia He is an experienced business development professional. The broker has more than 30 years of experience. Shellady has a degree in Finance from the University of Colorado Boulder. He previously worked for TMJ investment, Trean Group, ICAP energy, and many popular firms.

What nationality is Scott shellady?

Scott Shellady is an American financial market analyst and trader who works in the financial markets.

Where is RFDTV located in Nashville TN?

49 Music Square West, Ste 301 Nashville, TN 37203 (402) 289-2085 For questions or comments, please email [email protected]

How do I contact RFD-TV customer service?

For questions or comments, please email [email protected] “On behalf of myself and everyone associated with RFD-TV, we thank you so much for your support of this network.

How do you thank people for their support of RFD TV?

“On behalf of myself and everyone associated with RFD-TV, we thank you so much for your support of this network. We are all working hard to expand and improve this channel, and we do appreciate your feedback, questions, and constructive input.”