When was Saving Hope season 2 filmed?

Season 2 was the second season of the Canadian supernatural medical drama Saving Hope. It aired from June 2013 to February 2014 and featured 18 episodes.

How many seasons of Saving Hope were made?

five seasons
Saving Hope aired on CTV for five seasons from June 7, 2012 to August 3, 2017, with the first season airing on NBC.

Is Alex Reid really pregnant on Saving Hope?

She was also a producer on the series and directed the season four episode “Torn and Frayed”. In season 3, Durance’s real-life pregnancy was worked into her character Alex Reid and the series. Saving Hope ended its run in 2017.

How did Saving Hope End?

If an ending that’s happy and sad in equal measure is what the show was going for, then the medical drama nailed its series finale. The good news about the Saving Hope season 5 finale was that it saw a very pregnant Alex and Charlie finally tie the knot in a makeshift wedding ceremony at the Hope Zion Hospital.

Is Tyler Hynes in Saving Hope?

Saving Hope (TV Series 2012–2017) – Tyler Hynes as Luke Reid – IMDb.

Is there a season 6 for Saving Hope?

ION has pulled the plug onSaving Hope. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network has decided to end the series after its upcoming fifth season. The medical drama follows the staff of Hope Zion Hospital.

When did Saving Hope end?

August 3, 2017Saving Hope / Final episode date

Is Alex’s baby Joel’s?

She and Joel begin to date. Alex gets pregnant, but is unsure of whether the father is Joel or Charlie. In the season finale, Alex passes her surgical boards and has her son, named Luke after her brother Luke Reid. Soon after, the news of Joel’s death is delivered.

Is it Joel and Charlie’s baby?

But Charlie and Alex decided not to take a paternity test at Charlie’s request because he didn’t want to know. Therefore, Charlie was his father in every way. Joel was killed in a bomb explosion in Season 3, Episode 18 and Charlie died in the series final after being pronounced brain dead after a car accident.