When did the BMW 3 series get a supercharger?

VF-Engineering chose to supercharge the BMW 3 series (non-M) model years 1992 to 1998 to improve throttle response and mid-to-top end power with the centrifugal Vortech supercharger. Maintaining the the original BMW quality, smoothness and reliability were the key factors in the VF design.

Will a supercharger fit on my S2000?

The way a supercharger fits on your S2000 depends on the type of blower kit you buy. Most kits bolt on easily while others are a little more complicated.

Does a supercharger make less power than a turbo?

Of course, they do make less total power than a turbo but you won’t have any lag in power delivery. The boost is instantaneous since the supercharger is directly connected to your engine.

Does the S2000 S2000 have an engine management system?

It’s important to know that the kit does not include an engine management system but you can find a few optional systems based on the year of your S2000. If you have a 2000-2005 model, check out the AEM EMS Series 2. For 2006+ models, HKS recommends the Hondata Flashpro.

What is the Vortech V3 Si-trim supercharger?

The Vortech V3 Si-Trim self contained supercharger is mounted on a CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum bracket system triangulated to the block. The unit is positioned in line with the original serpentine belt which is replaced with a longer OEM belt.

Why choose a Vortech supercharger?

VF have harnessed reliability of Vortech superchargers with their 15 years of supercharging experience and worldwide OEM supply contacts to create the ultimate supercharger system for the ultimate driver’s car. This product is not compliant with the California Air Resource Board and not for use on public roads in California.

What are supercharger air ducts made of?

The supercharger air ducts are custom molded polypropylene plastic to give an OEM appearance, quality and fit. The incorporated Bosch boost overrun system is designed for smooth off-throttle cruising and deceleration with clean emissions. The crankcase ventilation system is designed to cope with positive pressure.