When can you apply for Wyoming elk?

The timeframe to apply for elk in Wyoming is January 3-31; for moose, sheep, and mountain goat is January 3-February 28; and for bison is March 1-31. Resident elk applications are due May 31st.

How long does it take to draw an elk tag in Wyoming?

There are no waiting periods for elk, deer and antelope tags. For Sheep and moose there is a 5-year wait period after you draw a tag before you can apply again or start building points. Mountain goats are a once in a lifetime draw.

Is Wyoming a draw state?

In Wyoming, preference points rank applicants pools. The remaining 25 percent of available licenses will be allocated in a random drawing, regardless of preference points. The random drawing is intended to provide everyone who applies a chance of drawing a license, regardless of their preference point total.

How does Wyoming leftover draw work?

Residents and nonresidents still have a chance to hunt these species by getting licenses through the leftover draw. The application period for the leftover draw is only five days, opening Monday, June 21 through June 25. The leftover draw has different rules than the initial draw: There is no quota split.

Can you buy antelope tags over the counter in Wyoming?

Antelope tags are generally available over the counter (leftover licenses from the limited quota draw) and each hunter can harvest two bucks if tags are available during your hunt. While tags are overly abundant, we do encourage hunters to purchase a preference point, just to be certain.

Can you buy over the counter elk tags in Wyoming?

Wyoming is another state that offers Over-the-Counter (OTC) elk tags, but has now been limited to residents only. Wyoming has 112 wildlife management units (hunt areas) and 84 hunts in 77 of those units have general season (OTC) elk tags available to residents.

What are the odds of drawing an elk tag in Wyoming?

The general elk license is a great choice for someone who does not have many points. In 2021, the draw odds were 9% in the random draw and 43% with 3 points in the regular draw. The odds were 30% in the random draw and 24% with 2 points in the special draw.

Can you buy an over the counter antelope tag in Wyoming?

What are the odds of drawing an antelope tag in Wyoming?

HuntScore owner, Matt Habiger, was lucky enough to draw a 1 in 200 odds tag for unit 64-1 Antelope in 2019 with 0 preference points! You can see a short clip of his 2019 Western Hunting season here.

Are antelope good eating?

Antelope look like deer but they are actually members of an animal family that includes goats and oxen. Mild-tasting and finely grained, antelope meat is similar to venison. Antelope has one-third the calories of beef. Buffalo (Bison) is similar taste to beef, but rather coarsely tex- tured and sweet.

How many antelope can you harvest in Wyoming?

Hunters may purchase up to four doe/fawn antelope licenses, only two of which can be obtained through the draw.

Where is the Wyoming Game&Fish Department located?

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How do I Stay Up to date with Wyoming Game and fish?

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What is the Wyoming Super tag deadline?

The Wyoming Super Tag deadline has been changed to January 31. This new deadline provides Super Tag raffle winners with more time to plan their hunts to take full advantage of their Super Tag licenses.

How many fish does WY game and fish stock in 2021?

GET STARTED TODAY! December 14, 2021 Game and Fish stocks 6.5 million fish in 2021 December 14, 2021 Print a free copy of WY hunter education card ADDITIONAL GAME & FISH NEWS Watson excited to serve as office manager in Green River 12/14/2021 4:54:03 PM| Read more…