What was the number one song in 38 Special?

What was 38 special biggest hit release? One of the greatest hits of 38 Special is Caught Up in You. This soundtrack increased the popularity of the band in the United States. The hit also held number one and two positions on the Billboard’s Top 30 singles in the 80s.

Who is 38 Special?

38 Special is a rock band in America that was originally formed in 1974 by two neighborhood buddies, Donnie Van Zant and Don Barnes. The group specialized in Southern rock, Country rock, hard rock, and blues-rock. 38 Special is associated with the record label A&M. Currently, the band has five members, but some members left the group in the past.

How do I view my 38 Special Certification history?

Note: User needs to enter “38 Special” in the “Search” field, “Artist” in the “Search by” field and click the “Go” button. Select “More info” next to the relevant entry to see full certification history.

What happened to 38 Special?

Like many American rock bands, 38 Special has experienced much acclaim from the song performances both on stage and in the studio. For a band formed over forty years ago in Jacksonville, Florida, 38 Special is doing incredibly well. However, the band has experienced many troubles, such as the exit of some members for several reasons.

What are the 3838 special songs?

38 Special Songs List 1 If I’d Been the One 2 Back Where You Belong 3 One Time for Old Times 4 See Me in Your Eyes 5 Twentieth Century Fox 6 Long Distance Affair 7 I Oughta Let Go 8 One of the Lonely Ones 9 Undercover Lover

Who are the current members of 38 Special?

The current members of 38 Special are Don Barnes (original founding member), Bobby Capps, Gary “Madman” Moffatt, Barry Dunaway, and Jerry Riggs. Some members have left the group since its formation in 1974, including one founding member, Donnie Van Zant. Other recognizable members that have exited the band are Larry Junstrom and Ken Lyons.