What should destination wedding invitations say?

Destination Wedding Invitation Wording

  1. Your names.
  2. Date and time.
  3. Venue name and location/address.
  4. City and state (zip code omitted) or city and country.

What information do you put on a destination wedding card?

What Do You Include on a Wedding Details Card?

  • Accommodation details.
  • Transportation information (is there a party bus driving guests to-and-from venues?)
  • Directions and/or a map.
  • Dress code information and details to keep in mind.
  • Wedding website URL.

How do you announce a destination wedding?

In addition to your actual invitation, you’ll want an information card outlining all of the events you’ve planned so guests know how long to be in town. The weekend itinerary should include the date, time, and location of each event.

How can I make my destination wedding unique?

Your Ultimate Guide To Making Destination Wedding Guests Feel Special

  1. Provide a list of wardrobe suggestions with your invitations.
  2. Arrange transportation upon arrival.
  3. Create a welcome lounge.
  4. Write a personal welcome note.
  5. Provide suggestions for fun “downtime” activities.

What is the number 1 wedding destination in the US?

1. Maui, Hawaii. One of the most coveted destination wedding locations in the world, Maui is an island so abundant in natural beauty you almost have to have an outdoor wedding. But you may have a hard time choosing between a lush venue in the mountains or a picturesque setting on the sand.

How do you write a destination wedding invitation?

small destination wedding invite wording

  1. The couple’s names.
  2. The host line “Happily Invite You To Celebrate…” Consider using wording like the invite above, such as “Invite you…with only the closest family & friends…”
  3. The date, time, and location of the wedding ceremony abroad.
  4. Reception information.

Do you send invitations for a destination wedding?

Send the Invites Sooner The first thing to keep in mind is timing. While a regular wedding invitation goes out eight weeks before the wedding and save-the-dates go out around four to six months in advance, a destination wedding invitation should go out at least 12 weeks in advance.

How do you ask people to come to a destination wedding?

Determine how many people you want to invite to your destination wedding and sit down with your partner to create a guest list. Only invite the amount of guests you think you can afford. Inviting friends and family as a courtesy and assuming they won’t come can really backfire.

How do you throw a small destination wedding?

Destination Wedding Planning Tips

  1. Visit in advance. Ideally, you’ll see your venue once before booking and again three to four months before the wedding to finalize details.
  2. Secure wedding insurance.
  3. Check local marriage requirements.
  4. Create welcome bags.
  5. Tailor your wedding dress to the destination.

Is having a destination wedding selfish?

At Least One Third of Americans Think Your Destination Wedding Is Selfish. Here’s what you can do about it. According to a survey by Allianz Global Assistance, 37 percent of Americans think it’s selfish for a couple to ask guests to use their money and vacation days on a destination wedding.

When to send out wedding invites for destination?

Return Address on Wedding Invitations. Let’s chat all about the return address to include on your wedding invitations when you send them.

  • Wedding Invitation Timeline.
  • Examples of Wedding Invitations.
  • Now That You Know the 411 on When to Send Wedding Invitations….
  • What to include in destination wedding invitations?

    The destination. Obviously,you need to include the destination part of your destination wedding on your invitations.

  • The wedding venue.
  • The wedding date.
  • The time.
  • The RSVP deadline.
  • The hotel info.
  • The wedding website URL.
  • How to word your reception-only wedding invitations?

    Reception only wedding invitations can be written by saying how the event is being held as a celebration of the marriage. Your guests will assume that you and your partner have already been married by the time that they arrive at the venue even if you haven’t provided them with any specific information about when the ceremony took place.

    How to invite guests to a destination wedding?

    Flights. The tricky part about a ‘destination wedding’ is how it’s defined.

  • Hotels and Accommodations. Or rather,hotels.
  • Car Service and Taxis. Think about all of the ways you commute when you’re traveling: to and from the airport.
  • Food.
  • Gifts.