What percent dry matter is corn silage?

35-38 percent
Silage bag: 35-38 percent dry matter. Upright silo: 35-40 percent dry matter.

How much dry matter is in alfalfa?

Alfalfa Hay Example Alfalfa Hay: Dry matter content (89.0%) reflects this hay was stored inside and it does not contain an excessive amount of moisture.

How much dry matter is required for silage making?

Silage is considered the better way to conserve forage crops. A forage crop can be cut early and only has to have 30% dry matter to be ensiled successfully. There is no need to dry out the plant material any more than that, so wet weather is not such a constraint as it is with making hay.

Is corn silage better than hay?

Silage is compacted and stored in air-tight conditions without being dried. Digestive capabilities: Animals do not digest hay. Silage is partially and easily digested, offering more nutritious value.

How do you measure dry matter in corn silage?

dry matter. For example, 10 lb. corn silage dry matter = 25 lb. corn silage at 60% moisture (10 x 2.50).

What is dry matter in silage?

Dry matter (DM %) – This is the amount of silage material after water has been removed. Generally the higher the dry matter the higher the potential intake of silage. However silages that are too dry can give rise to moulds and heating.

Which crop is best for silage making?

The fodder crops, such as maize, sorghum, oats, pearl millet, and hybrid napier rich in soluble carbohydrates are most suitable for fodder ensiling. Quality of silage can be improved with the use of suitable additives such as molasses, urea, salt, formic acid etc.

Do cattle prefer hay or silage?

We often fed cattle on hay only and they thrive on it, they may eat a good bit more hay than silage though. My cows in calf get hay and water only for the winter housing, apart from mineral licks.

How do you convert dry matter to Fed?

To convert weights from a dry matter to an as-fed basis, divide by the as-fed dry matter percentage value, expressed as a decimal. On an as-fed basis, a feedlot finishing ration is 60 percent DM.

What is the ideal moisture for corn silage?

65% to 70%
Corn should be harvested for silage at a moisture content of 65% to 70% when using a horizontal bunker. If too wet – above 70% – yield potential is reduced and seepage will occur, resulting in the undesirable presence of clostridia bacterial fermentation.

Is alfalfa hay or haylage better for dairy cows?

Corn silage (CS) has replaced alfalfa hay (AH) and haylage as the major forage fed to lactating dairy cows, yet many dairy producers believe that inclusion of small amounts of alfalfa hay or haylage improves feed intake and milk production. Alfalfa contains greater concentrations of K and Ca than co …

What is the average dry matter percentage of alfalfa?

Feed Type Average Dry Matter % High End Low End Source of Data Alfalfa (cubes, dehy) 90.2 91.3 90.0 UC Cooperative Extension 2009 Alfalfa (cubes, sun-dried) 91.6 UC Cooperative Extension 2009

How much silage is in a legume?

Legume Silage 40.2 52.5 27.9 Dairy One Lespedeza Fresh Early Bloom 25 Beef Magazine 2009 Lespedeza Hay 92 Beef Magazine 2009 Limestone Dolomitic Ground 99 Beef Magazine 2009 Limestone Ground 98 Beef Magazine 2009 Linseed (meal, solvent) 91.8 UC Cooperative Extension 2009

What was the best grade of hay for BEEF Magazine 2009?

Grass Hay 88 Beef Magazine 2009 Grass Hay 91.6 93.3 90.6 Dairy One Grass Silage 30 Beef Magazine 2009 Grass Silage 39.5 55.4 23.6 Dairy One Guar Meal 90 Beef Magazine 2009 High Moisture Ear Corn 63.7 72.5 54.9 Dairy One High Moisture Shelled Corn 72.0 78.6 65.3 Dairy One