What makes openmc unique?

One of the unique features of OpenMC is its rich, extensible Python and C/C++ programming interfaces that enable programming pre- and post-processing, multigroup cross section generation, workflow automation, depletion calculations, multiphysics coupling, and the visualization of geometry and tally results.

What scripts are used to build openmc?

The scripts are as follows: setup — a bash shell script which ‘git clone’s the OpenMC repository from GitHub, uses a Python script within the OpenMC distribution to download cross section data, and then uses CMake along with a Fortran compiler to build the OpenMC executable

What are the system requirements to run openmc?

Note: The final case (large-tallies) requires over 3 GB of memory and as a result may not run on some systems. There are three scripts that can be used to set up OpenMC and its required cross section data, run the test problems, and collect results. The scripts are as follows:

What is openmc’s nuclear data interface?

In addition to the core Monte Carlo transport solver and associated APIs, OpenMC includes a Python-based nuclear data interface that enables power users to inspect, modify, and perform various types of nuclear data processing on ENDF, ACE, and OpenMC’s native HDF5 files.

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