What is Trophy Bonded ammo?

Trophy Bonded® Tip combines bonded construction and a bone-crushing solid copper shank with a boat-tail design and polymer tip that tighten groups. The resulting toughness and accuracy make it a perfect choice for the full spectrum of medium and big game at any practical range. Robust bonding maximizes weight retention.

What is a tactical bonded tip?

Tactical® Bonded Ballistic Tip™ It achieves accuracy and terminal performance unmatched by any other ammunition. Designed to defeat the toughest barriers with minimal deflection, Tactical Bonded has quickly become the choice for some of the most intense conditions.

What bullet is used in federal trophy copper?


Caliber 308 Win
Muzzle Velocity 2820
Bullet Weight 150
Bullet Style Trophy Copper
Ballistic Coefficient .469

Is Federal Trophy Bonded Tip lead free?

Built on the famous Trophy Bonded Bear Claw® bullet platform, the Trophy Bonded Tip bullet has a pure lead core bonded to the jacket and a solid shank to deliver deep penetration and high weight retention.

What is Federal Tactical Bonded?

The Tactical® Bonded® line is a trusted partner for some of the most intense conditions. Made exclusively for law enforcement, it achieves accuracy and terminal performance that defeats tough barriers with minimal deviation. 308 Win.

Are bonded bullets more accurate?

Because bonding is one of the most advanced, authentic ways of controlling bullet performance. Even by not using the bonding process, manufacturers choose certain terminal performance characteristics.

What is Federal Power Shok ammo?

The Federal Power Shok line of ammunition is designed for hunters wanting effective, reliable, and affordable hunting ammo for use on deer sized game. Deer hunters, especially whitetail hunters, make up the overwhelming majority of all big game hunters in the Untied States.