What is the width of a broom?

Overall broom height is 55-inches. Widest part of broom is 15-inches wide. Handle is 1-inch diameter. Broom bristles are 6-inches long and tapered.

What is a soft broom?

Soft brooms are used in some cultures chiefly for sweeping walls of cobwebs and spiders, like a “feather duster”, while hard brooms are for rougher tasks like sweeping dirt off sidewalks or concrete floors, or even smoothing and texturing wet concrete.

How long is the average broom handle?

1-1/8″ Hardwood Handle w/ Metal Tip

B-60 Broom Handle with Tapered End 60″
B-72 Broom Handle with Tapered End 72″
B-96 Broom Handle with Tapered End 96″

What is a stick broom?

(bruːmstɪk ) Word forms: plural broomsticks. 1. countable noun. A broomstick is an old-fashioned broom which has a bunch of small sticks at the end.

What does our broom look like?

Our broom has a protective jacket on its iron pole, it is soft, so you can hold it to sweep, and it will protect your hands when you sweep the floor. Our broom head looks like used but it is new, because it is a special technology we add to it. The width of the broom part is about 13 inch long, so it can sweep a large area at a time.

How many rows of bristles does a broom have?

The bristles of the broom is increased from three rows to four rows. The spiral joint is deeper, easy to twist and assemble tightly, Say goodbye to loose handles. [Long Handle and No Bending]: If you still have to bend down as much to clean your house.

Which wayclean wayclean broom should I buy?

We recommend the Casabella Wayclean Wide Angle Broom because its brush is densely packed with high-quality bristles and it is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. Sweeping out your home or backyard can give everything a bit of a shine and help to keep your space clean and tidy.

Can the bristle broom be used for outdoor sweeping?

The bristle broom can be used both for outdoor sweeping (patio) as well as indoor sweeping.