What is the value of a 2015 Jetta?

How Much Is the 2015 Volkswagen Jetta? Based on about 2,175 listings for the 2015 Volkswagen Jetta on our site, the average price is $13,500. Prices range from $10,200 to $17,000 and vary depending on the trim, mileage, location, condition, and features.

What generation is a 2015 Jetta?

6th Gen
Volkswagen Jetta Generation List: 2019 – Now 7th Gen (A7) 2015 – 2018 6th Gen (A6) Facelift. 2011 – 2014 6th Gen (A6)

What year is a mk7 Jetta?

2019 – Present VW Jetta (7th Generation)

How many miles per gallon does a 2015 Jetta get?

Up to 31 city / 46 highway2015 Volkswagen Jetta / MPG

Is the MK6 Jetta reliable?

VW MK6 Jetta Reliability We’ve seen many Jetta’s push past 200,000 miles that have followed maintenance schedules religiously. The later years, 2016-2018, of this Jetta will be your best bet if you’re in the market for a Jetta because they were able to resolve most of the electrical issues listed above.

What are the different models of Jettas?

2019 Volkswagen Jetta Trim Comparison

  • 2019 Jetta S. Starting MSRP: $18,545.
  • 2019 Jetta SE. Starting MSRP: $22,155.
  • 2019 Jetta R-Line. Starting MSRP: $22,995.
  • 2019 Jetta SEL. Starting MSRP: $24,415.
  • 2019 Jetta SEL Premium. Starting MSRP: $26,945.

What are the different VW Jetta models?

Whether you choose the S, SE, R-Line, SEL, or SEL Premium trim of the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta, you will enjoy a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine rated for 147 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque….2019 Volkswagen Jetta Trim Comparison

  • 2019 Jetta S.
  • 2019 Jetta SE.
  • 2019 Jetta R-Line.
  • 2019 Jetta SEL.
  • 2019 Jetta SEL Premium.

What year is the MK6 5 Jetta?

The MK6 Jetta sedan was released as a 2011 model with the GLI following in 2012. The latter sported the 2.0T TSI (EA888) engine and optional 6 speed transmission borrowed from the GTI. The MK6 Jetta is its own car from a sheet metal and interior standpoint, but shares the drivetrain and chassis with the MK6 Golf.

What kind of gas does a 2015 Volkswagen Jetta take?

Diesel fuel
2015 Volkswagen Jetta/Fuel type

What are the specs of the 2015 Volkswagen Jetta engine?

The 2015 Volkswagen Jetta base and S trims are equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that generates 115 horsepower and 125 pound-feet of torque.

How reliable is the 2015 Volkswagen Jetta?

J.D. Power gives the 2015 Jetta a reliability rating of three out of five, which is about average. As of this writing, the 2015 Volkswagen Jetta has five recalls. These address a potential loss of brake power, a possible fuel leak, insufficient headlight output, and a potentially unstable seatback. Which Used Volkswagen Jetta Model Is Right for Me?

How much does the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta cost?

The 2019 Volkswagen Jetta has a starting price of $18,745, and its top trim is priced at $27,695. Compared with the scantly equipped 2015 Jetta, the fully redesigned 2019 model gets you a lot more for your money. Compared to the 2015, it has a stronger engine and many more features than the 2015.

What are the 2015 Volkswagen Jetta trim lineups?

The 2015 Volkswagen Jetta receives an update for 2015, but the trim lineup remains the same with the base car, a GLI high-performance model, hybrid and TDI diesel. Subtle tweaks to the front and rear of the Jetta are hard to distinguish for the casual observer, but the company says that some of the work, especially up front, enhances aerodynamics.