What is the use of Tebuconazole?

Tebuconazole is a triazole fungicide used agriculturally to treat plant pathogenic fungi.

Is Tebuconazole a fungicide?

Folicur contains Tebuconazole a systemic triazole fungicide. Triazoles are the leading chemical class of fungicides worldwide. Folicur offers an effective and reliable solution against a wide spectrum of diseases in many crops by protective, curative and eradicative action.

How do you mix Tebuconazole?

Mixing: Add labeled amount of Tebuconazole 3.6F Fungicide into the spray tank while filling with water to the desired level. Operate the agitator while mixing. If other materials are added to the spray tank, the Tebuconazole 3.6F Fungicide should be thoroughly dispersed prior to the addition of other materials.

Does Tebuconazole need to be watered in?

Depending on the disease, Tebuconazole 3.6 should be watered into the crown and active root zone for best results. Make all applications after mowing and allow foliage to dry thoroughly before irrigation. For best results use spray mixture the same day it is prepared.

Is Tebuconazole harmful?

In terms of acute toxicity tebuconazole is moderately toxic to both cold-water and warm-water organisms and highly toxic to estuarinelmarine organisms.

Is Tebuconazole toxic to humans?

Tebuconazole has low acute toxicity by the oral or dermal route of exposure, and moderate toxicity by the inhalation route. It is not a dermal sensitizer or a dermal irritant; however, it is slightly to mildly irritating to the eye.

Is Tebuconazole curative?

Fungicide. Excellent preventative and curative control on a broadspectrum of disease pathogens. Rapid uptake in turf provides up to three weeks of residual disease control.

What is the best time to apply fungicide?

Apply fungicides before a rain if possible. Water is necessary for most fungal spores to infect foliage and for the splash dispersal of spores. Therefore apply fungicides before a rain if it appears that the fungicide will have a chance to dry before the rain. Some fungicides list the rain fastness period on the label.

What is azoxystrobin Tebuconazole?

AZOXYSTROBIN 11% + TEBUCONAZOLE 18% FL is a broad-spectrum, preventative fungicide with systemic and curative properties that may be used for the control of many important plant diseases.

What is Tilt fungicide?

With benefits like quick rainfastness and tank-mix flexibility, TiltĀ® fungicide is an economical tool that provides full-season disease control on wheat, barley, stonefruits, tree nuts and vegetables. Tilt stops fungal growth before it can sporulate and moves systemically to protect new growth.

Is Tebuconazole a carcinogen?

Tebuconazole was classified as a Group C possible human carcinogen, based on an increase in the incidence of hepatocellular adenomas, carcinomas and combined adenomas/carcinomas in male and female mice.