What is the use of Opmn in Oracle Apps?

OPMN features the following functionality: Provides a command-line interface for process control and monitoring for single or multiple Oracle Application Server components and instances. Provides an integrated way to manage Oracle Application Server components.

What is Opmn?

OPMN consists of a core grouping of three components that interpret and convey notification information sent between Oracle Application Server processes within the same or different OPMN servers. The core of OPMN consists of the following three components: Oracle Notification Server. Oracle Process Manager.

What is Opmn in Obiee 11g?

OPMN is a process management tool that: manages the system components (such as Oracle Business Intelligence) supports both local and distributed process management, automatic process recycling, and the communication of process state (up, down, starting, stopping).

What is The opmnctl metric command in Linux?

The opmnctl metric command enables you to print the DMS statistics for a system component process. The opmnctl metric has the following command and argument structure:

How to get DMS metrics with opmnctl?

The main configuration file for OPMN is opmn.xml . Weblogic – How to get DMS metrics with Opmnctl? Where it is? In the midellware stack,The OPMN command line control script ‘opmnctl’ resides in You can run ‘opmnctl’ from either directory, but if you use the ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin location you must set the ORACLE_INSTANCE environment variable.

What is opmnctl?

A command-line interface (opmnctl) for advanced users to control Oracle Fusion Middleware components. Automatic restart of processes when they become unresponsive or terminate unexpectedly. An integrated way to manage Oracle Fusion Middleware components.

What are The opmnctl process control commands?

The opmnctl process control commands enable you to start, stop, or restart single or multiple system components. You can control a system component at the < ias-component>, < process-set>, or < process-type> level. This section describes the process control commands available with opmnctl. It includes the following process control commands: