What is the rarest special 50p?

Kew’s Garden 50p
What are the rarest 50p coins in circulation? The Royal Mint has revealed the most valuable 50p coin, ahead of the 1971 decimalisation’s golden anniversary. The rarest is the Kew’s Garden 50p, which was designed to mark the 250th anniversary of the gardens in 2009. Only 210,000 coins were ever minted with this design.

How much is the 2011 Animal 50p worth?

How much is it worth? Collector Value: £2.00 is a mid-point price for WWF 50p coins marked as sold on eBay UK. The price range for a good condition circulated example of this 50p coin is between £1.77 and £2.24. Coin values based on 191 eBay sales selected from data collected 19/01/2021 19:49:38.

What is the rarest 50p coin worth?

One of the rarest 50p coins, estimated value: £3,000. There were a total of twenty-nine differently designed 50 pence coins released between 2009 – 2011 to celebrate the return of the Olympics to the UK. With designs including, Archery, Badmington, Football and Tennis, they are all sought after by collectors.

What is the best 50p coin to collect?

The Judo 50p coin by designer David Cornell is a popular fifty pence to collect with 1,161,500 coins put into circulation in 2011. 5. Triathlon 50p London 2012 Olympic Triathlon fifty pence by Sarah Harvey. Are peter rabbit 50p coins rare?

How many 50p coins were issued in 2017?

Royal Shield 50p Coin 2017 Between 2008 and 2017, The Royal Shield 50p was issued 7 times. At its peak, 49 million were issued in 2014. But 2017 saw just 1.8 million, making them the 2nd rarest 50 pence coin in circulation after Kew Gardens

How many 50p coins were issued for the 2012 Olympic Games?

An unprecedented 29 different commemorative 50p coins were issued for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games (large numbers of other coin denominations were also made in connection with the games, I got to 67 in total and then lost count!). The initial official reported mintage numbers seem to have crept up over 2012 – 2013.