What is the origin of bourekas?

Bourekas originated in Asia as a deep-fried filled dumpling known as a burga. When the Turks of central Asia moved to what is now the country of Turkey, they brought their stuffed burga dumplings with them. Over time, the dumpling evolved into a variety of stuffed, layered pastries known as börek.

What type of food is bourekas?

Tea pastry

Typical Israeli bourekas, traditionally topped with sesame, poppy or nigella seeds.
Alternative names Burekas, Bureka, Boureka, Borekas, Burekasim
Type Tea pastry
Course Fast food, Shabbat breakfast
Region or state Ottoman Empire

What country is burek from?

Ottoman Empire

How long do bourekas last?

Frozen Bourekas will last in your freezer for at least 2 months. We do not recommend that you leave your baked Bourekas outside for more than a day unless you live in an area with cool temperatures.

What does kashkaval taste like?

Kashkaval is Bulgaria’s popular yellow, semi-hard cheese made from sheep’s milk that can be spicy or bland. It’s great for grating, cooking and melting, and is similar to Italian pecorino or Greek kasseri, but can variously taste like provolone and even pungent blue cheese (without any hint of mold).

How do you eat burek?

There’s nothing sweeter than grabbing a bite of warm, crunchy burek, and then washing it down with cold yogurt. This combination goes together like peanut butter and jelly, so if you’re ever ordering burek, don’t be surprised if you’re offered yogurt by default.

Which countries eat burek?

Round burek filled with minced meat is made in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Slovenia.

How to bake Bourekas?

Pinch the edges together to seal the filling inside. Brush the tops of the bourekas with beaten egg and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Bake in the preheated oven for 30 minutes, or until the pastries are puffed and golden, and the filling is cooked through.

What is a boureka?

The boureka was born! Bourekas are made with a variety of savory fillings, including cheese, meat, spinach, and eggplant. They are generally made with either puff pastry or filo (phyllo) dough, and served as appetizers, alongside a meal, or as a portable snack.

What to serve with Bourekas?

His simple cheese-filled version uses frozen puff pastry and mozzarella cheese. Make It A Meal: Offer a counterpoint to the rich puff pastry by serving the bourekas with Israeli salad, or heirloom tomato salad with goat cheese and arugula. A mushroom and onion omelet or bowl of roasted carrot, apple, and celery soup would round out the meal nicely.