What is the Mother Road Route 66 map?

– Route 66 map – This Route 66 map has all of the original alignments color coded. Also called The Mother Road, these routes are historical parts of old U.S. Highway 66. They may no longer be accessible, drivable or visible. Some are now on private property. Those alignments now part of or under an Interstate are not drawn.

What are the colors for alignments on Route 66?

Color codes for alignments on Route 66 map: Red = oldest alignments. 20’s – 30’s Brown = 30’s – 40’s Green = 40’s – 50’s

What software do you use to find alignments on Route 66?

This Route 66 map shows most of the alignments that 66 followed. The last alignments were Interstates and are not drawn on the map. The lines were originally drawn using DeLorme Topo maps and then converted over to .KML format. Other software I have found very useful is RidewithGPS, GPSBabel, and GPSVisualizer.

Where does Route 66 start and end in California?

The Route 66 road map through California is divided into 3 sections: The final section of the map passes through the “post-1936” terminus at the intersection of Lincoln Blvd and Olympic Blvd, and the “unofficial” terminus at the junction of Santa Monica Blvd and Ocean Ave.

What cities does Route 66 go through in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma City is the state’s capital and the largest city you’ll pass through on Route 66 in Oklahoma. OKC is home to many museums, memorials, and motels, in addition to a few stops worth a detour from the main route. The Lone Star State has about 180 miles of old Route 66 road still remaining.

How many miles is Route 66 in Missouri?

Map of Missouri Route 66: 317 Miles Route 66 across Missouri features a variety of large cities and small towns, connected by roadways over rolling hills and valleys. The Mother Road followed much of the Kickapoo, or Osage, Trail, an Indian trail that later became the Old Wire Road.

Where was the original Route 66 in Los Angeles?

The highway is now mostly replaced with several streets in Los Angeles, State Route 66 (SR 66), Interstate 15 (I-15) and I-40. The original terminus of U.S. Route 66 was at 7th and Broadway in downtown Los Angeles.