What is the message behind Fiela se kind?

Themes. Matthee tackles environmental concerns, themes of racism and sexism as well as discrimination of class. The blue-buck is over hunted and elephants are freely killed. The relations between whites and Coloureds are tense.

What happened to Benjamin in Fiela se kind?

In the end, Benjamin breaks free from the imprisonment of the van Rooyen family and white society at large. Benjamin follows his heart, hews to the sense of morality instilled in him by Fiela, and returns to the place he knows best and loves most: the Komoetie family.

Is Fiela se kind based on a true story?

Dalene Matthee’s contemporary classic was inspired by real events, but the main storyline of Fiela se Kind (Fiela’s Child) is a work of fiction.

How old was Benjamin when he was taken from Fiela?

twelve years old
Benjamin Komoetie, the main character in Fiela’s Child by Dalene Matthee, arrived on the doorstep of Fiela and Selling Komoetie when he was only three years old. It is fortunate that Fiela and Selling Komoetie had raised Benjamin as their own from the day he arrived on their door step until was twelve years old.

Who is Lukas in Fiela se kind?

Benjamin Komoetie
Benjamin Komoetie / Lukas van Rooyen He is raised by Fiela Komoetie during his childhood, but experiences a shift of identity during his long years living as Lukas van Rooyen, after it is determined that he is the forest child they lost nine years earlier.

How does Fiela make money?

” Similarly, Fiela Komoetie has hopes of breeding ostriches and making enough money from their feathers to buy her more idle neighbor’s land. Fiela’s and Elias’s ambition to move beyond mere subsistence is symptomatic of the spirit of entrepreneurial capitalism that will transform rural South Africa forever.

Where was the movie Fiela se kind filmed?

the Knysna Forest
The film was shot on location in both the Knysna Forest and Karoo.

Who is the 13th son of Jacob?

Benjamin (Hebrew: בִּנְיָמִין, Bīnyāmīn, from Biblical Hebrew “Son of the right [stronger] person, or side” to underline he was the youngest) was the last of the two sons of Jacob and Rachel (Jacob’s thirteenth child and twelfth and youngest son) in Jewish, Christian and Islamic tradition.

Who is Elias in Fiela se kind?

Drikus Volschenk
Fiela se Kind (2019) – Drikus Volschenk as Elias van Rooyen – IMDb.

Where is Fiela se kind set?

South Africa
“Set in nineteenth-century rural South Africa, Fiela se Kind tells the story of Fiela Komoetie and a white, three-year-old child, Benjamin, whom she finds crying on her doorstep. “For nine years, Fiela raises Benjamin as one of her own children.

Who is the Tribe of Benjamin today?

Benjamin, according to biblical tradition, one of the 12 tribes that constituted the people of Israel, and one of the two tribes (along with Judah) that later became the Jewish people.

What are Fiela and the komoeties trying to do?

She and the Komoeties work on tapping aloe and breeding their two ostriches, Kicker and Pollie. Ostrich feathers are very valuable and Fiela hopes to use the yield to eventually purchase the land of the neighboring Laghaan family. Back at the van Rooyens’, Elias van Rooyen is trying to create a plan to trap the forest elephants.

What is the best study guide for Fiela’s child?

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Why does Fiela think it is impossible to take Benjamin to Kloof?

Fiela asserts that this is impossible because the trek between the forest and the Kloof is too treacherous for a small boy to complete. The men, looking down on her and Selling because of their race, try to brush off her argument. They tell her they will inquire with the Knysna magistrate and promise to return soon to take Benjamin.

Why does Fiela decide to go to Knysna again?

The Komoeties are in a state of grief for days afterward, but Fiela, as the matriarch, encourages everyone to persevere and keep up with the daily work. Fiela decides that she will go to Knysna again and try to talk to the magistrate.