What is the meaning of Eschew obfuscation?

avoid ambiguity
The literal meaning is avoid ambiguity, adopt clarity, but the use of extremely uncommon words in the English language itself causes confusion, making the phrase a prime example of irony.

What does Eschew obfuscation espouse elucidation mean?

Simply put eschew obfuscation, espouse elucidation means – avoid ambiguity and adopt clarity. But the irony being that the quote itself is so verbose makes it even more interesting. The reason for bringing up this quote is to portray how complexity is needed to be dealt with in design.

What do you mean by obfuscation?

: to be evasive, unclear, or confusing The suspect often obfuscated during the interrogation.

What is meant by obfuscation and jargon and explain why one should write clearly?

Obfuscation jargon is purposefully used to confuse, bewilder, and stupefy audiences in order to prevent the reactions they would have if they understood the meaning of the terms being used. Some speakers who use jargon may be perceived to be using language to obfuscate, even when they may not have intended to do so.

What is obfuscation in law?

obfuscation Add to list Share. The act of obscuring something to make it more difficult to understand is called obfuscation. Lawyers are sometimes accused of obfuscation, since legal contracts can be so difficult to understand.

How do you use obfuscation in a sentence?

Obfuscation sentence example I delight in his lack of patience with everyone from students to politicians who demonstrate inexcusable ignorance, incompetence or obfuscation . Indeed some of the retorts made by government officials whenever this topic is brokered appear to be purely a tactic of obfuscation !

What does it mean to eschew obfuscation?

If someone is attempting to eschew obfuscation, they may actually be causing more of an issue than the words are meant to allay. To eschew obfuscation is to eradicate confusion, although using the term can often cause more distraction and bewilderment than was originally intended.

What is obfuscation?

It’s a mashup of two words that are often confusing to the reader or listener. If someone is attempting to eschew obfuscation, they may actually be causing more of an issue than the words are meant to allay.

What is eschew and why does it have a place in technology?

It also has a place in modern technology as data obfuscation becomes more relevant to both large and small companies around the world. The word may sound like something that occurs during flu season to those with runny noses, but eschew is rooted in language from hundreds of years ago.

What does eschewed mean in English?

When something is avoided it is eschewed. The word is derived from the German word for shun, “scheuen.” It can also be used to coyly describe someone shying away from a situation or a certain thing. Swipe the card right if you know the word’s meaning. Swipe left to review again later. Tap/click the card to see the meaning.