What is the difference between Sebo Dart and Felix?

The comparison between SEBO FELIX and SEBO DART shows that the SEBO FELIX is not avaiable in different colour and can be registered for the 4 year guarantee, but offers more features (adjustable handle, deavtivable power head,…) than the SEBO DART. The SEBO DART is perfectly geared to the commercial use.

What does red light on SEBO vacuum mean?

Brush Obstruction Light & Auto Shut Off – If an obstruction becomes jammed in the brush roller, a red warning light will quick- ly flash, the brush roller will immediately stop spinning and the vacuum will shut off. This prevents the belt from breaking and protects the motor from damage.

How often should I change my SEBO filter?

every 10 to 20 bags
SEBO vacuum filters should be changed after every 10 to 20 bags, depending upon use time & the type of debris material collected by the vacuum. However please trust your visual inspection, if you see that a filter is excessively dirty or the bags appears to be quite full, do not hesitate to change it.

How do I change the filter on my Sebo Felix?

To remove the filter, clasp the gray hinge and pull out. To replace, simply lift the silver safety lever and slide in the new filter using the tracks as guides.

Are Sebo vacuums good?

SEBO vacuums are best known for their reliability, durability and their outstanding power brush design. Originally produced as a commercial-grade product for hotels, all SEBO vacuums are easy to maintain and have a life expectancy of 20-plus years in a medium-sized home.

How do you know when a Sebo bag is full?

The Sebo bag full light illuminates when the bag is full because it means the machine is blocked. But if the bag is empty and the machine is blocked elsewhere, the machine will still think the bag is full and show you the bag full warning light.

Is Sebo a good vacuum?

Can you wash SEBO filters?

Please note the our filters are not washable. Check the brush of your SEBO FELIX, SEBO AUTOMATIC X and SEBO ET power head regularly for hair and fibre and change the brush when it is worn.