What is the difference between Bilstein B4 and B6?

The price difference between B4 and B6 is significant, this is because the uprated dampers are very different in construction. Generally the B4 is a twin tube design while the B6 and B8 are mono-tube. If you want to retain your ride comfort, choose B4.

Are Bilstein B4 shocks any good?

The B4s are, IMO, around 10-15% stiffer than OEM but I like that ride and not so much wallowing or boat feeling. The standard shocks are fine but I’ve had Bilstein on another vehicle and really like them. They are are undoubtedly firmer than OEM but not in a shocking B6 kind of way.

What is Bilstein B6?

Bilstein B6 is an uprated shock absorber and is sometimes know as Bilstein B6 Sport. These have been extensively developed to give a sporty ride without lowering your vehicle. Generally they are a mono tube high pressure gas shock absorber meaning consistent performance and a sporty ride.

Is Bilstein B6 adjustable?

While there are Bilstein products that are adjustable, the Bilstein B6 is not an adjustable shock, so there are actually not two height positions.

Are Bilstein B4 stiffer?

It is nice,and tight. In fact I prefer it over the sachs ride quality. The B4’s are 10% stiffer than stock.

How stiff are Bilstein B6 shocks?

We have found the damper suitable for a non-lowered vehicle looking to increase the street performance in town and the motorway of your vehicle, regularly found on track day cars the B6 is regularly given the stats of being around 20% stiffer than a standard shock absorber on a vehicle.

What is the difference between Bilstein B6 and B8?

B6 vs B8 – Only One Difference There is only one difference between the B6 and the B8 and that is the length of the shock (damper). Bilstein B6 shocks are the same length as the original dampers, the B8 are shorter than the original dampers.