What is the CPT code for intrathecal pump?

62360 Implantation or replacement of device for intrathecal or epidural drug infusion; subcutaneous reservoir.

What is the CPT code for a pain pump trial?

*CPT® codes 62322, 62323, 62326 and 62327 should be reported when performing trial infusions prior to permanent pump implantation.

How much morphine is in a pain pump?

Table 1

Medication Dose Concentration
Morphine 15 mg/d Max 30 mg/mL
Hydromophone 10 mg/d Max 30 mg/mL
Bupivacaine 2-30 mg/d 38 mg/mL
Clonidine 10-1000 μg/d 2000 μg/mL

What is the difference between 62369 and 62370?

Use CPT code 62367 if the pump is not reprogrammed or refilled and 62368 if it is reprogrammed. Use CPT code 62369 if it is reprogrammed and refilled and 62370 if it is reprogrammed refilled and requires a physician or other qualified health care professional’s intervention.

When do you use CPT code 64999?

“Use CPT code 64999 (Unlisted procedure, nervous system) for pulsed radiofrequency and the denervation procedures of the sacroiliac joint/nerves. Pulsed radiofrequency for denervation is considered investigational and therefore, not medically necessary.”

What is procedure code 62362?

CPT® 62362, Under Reservoir/Pump Implantation Procedures on the Spine and Spinal Cord. The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code 62362 as maintained by American Medical Association, is a medical procedural code under the range – Reservoir/Pump Implantation Procedures on the Spine and Spinal Cord.

Why is a morphine pump used?

A computerized pump attached to the IV lets you release pain medicine by pressing a handheld button. PCA can be used in the hospital to ease pain after surgery. Or it can be used for painful conditions like pancreatitis or sickle cell disease. It also works well for people who can’t take medicines by mouth.