What is the bolt pattern for 2011 Mazda3?

The Mazda3 uses a 5×114. 3mm bolt pattern, otherwise known as Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD).

What size rims are on a 2011 Mazda3?

16-17″ diameter, 6.5-7″ width2011 Mazda3 / Wheel size

What size rims does a Mazda3 have?

2018 Mazda 3
Rim Size Tire Sizes Mazda 3 Options
16-Inch 205-60-16 Sport
18-Inch 215-45-18 Grand TouringTouring

What is Mazda bolt pattern?

Finance your Honda Wheels

1987 Mazda 4 lug 4.5 inch or 114.3mm High Positive Offset
1988 Mazda 5 lug 4.5 inch or 114.3mm High Positive Offset
1989 Mazda 5 lug 4.5 inch or 114.3mm High Positive Offset
1990 Mazda 5 lug 4.5 inch or 114.3mm High Positive Offset

Can I use 205 60R16 instead of 205 55r16?

Yes. It will have a slightly lower sidewall height, but should work fine.

What size tire is on a 2010 MAZDA3?

P205/50R17 (s Sport · Hatchback · s Grand Touring)
P205/55R16 (i SV · i Sport · i Touring)
2010 Mazda3/Tire size

Which Mazda 3 should I buy?

If you take a look at the classifieds right now, you’ll see 2015 Mazda 3 Maxxes priced anywhere from $12,000 to the You acknowledge and agree that all answers are provided as a general guide only and should not be relied upon as bespoke advice.

What are the problems with the Mazda 3?

The Mazda 3 Turbo has all the standard features in the 2.5 S except the leather seats and navigation system. Still, it does get an auto-dimming rearview mirror, push-button start, 18-inch gloss black alloy wheels, larger tailpipes, and Turbo badging.

What size tires does a Mazda 3 have?

Mazda 3 features and specs at Car and Driver. Learn more about Price, Engine Type, MPG, and complete safety and warranty information. Front Tire Size P215/45VR18. Rear Wheel Size (inches) 18 X

What engine is in a Mazda 3?

– Belts – Injectors – Wires – Other vital components