What is the best part of Egypt to visit?

20 Top-Rated Attractions & Places to Visit in Egypt

  1. Pyramids of Giza. Pyramids of Giza.
  2. Luxor’s Temples & Tombs. Karnak Temple.
  3. Cruising the Nile. Cruising on the Nile at Luxor.
  4. Aswan. Feluccas on the Nile at Aswan.
  5. Abu Simbel. Abu Simbel.
  6. Diving the Red Sea.
  7. Explore Islamic Cairo.
  8. South Sinai’s Beach Life.

Where is the most visited place in Egypt?

Valley of Kings Located on the East bank of river Nile, Luxor was the site of the ancient city of Thebes and is one of the most popular Egypt tourist spots.

What is the most beautiful part of Egypt?

The 10 most beautiful places to visit in Egypt

  • Giza.
  • Aswan and its islands.
  • Cruise on the Nile.
  • Karnak.
  • Cairo.
  • Luxor.
  • Hurghada and the Red Sea.
  • Sinai. A visit to Egypt cannot be complete without discovering the Sinai Peninsula, its desert and its extraordinary geology.

Why Egypt is the best place to visit?

Egypt has so much for travellers to see and do, it is the perfect destination to combine culture, adventure and relaxation. With 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities in Cairo, with 120,000 artifacts on display, visitors can be transported back to the ancient world.

Is Egypt expensive to visit?

Egypt is actually a very affordable destination and can be done on a budget. Should you choose, there are plenty of luxury tour options as well. Especially when it comes to Nile River cruises. Overall, it’s one of the cheaper and more rewarding destinations I’ve visited.

Is Egypt a safe place to visit?

Egypt – Level 3: Reconsider Travel. Reconsider travel to Egypt due to terrorism. Exercise increased caution in Egypt due to the Embassy’s limited ability to assist dual national U.S.-Egyptian citizens who are arrested or detained.

What is the richest part of Egypt?

Garden City (Arabic: جاردن سيتي) is a wealthy residential district in Central Cairo that spans the east side of the Nile just south of downtown. It is the location of the famous Midan Tahrir (Tahrir Square).

Is Cairo worth visiting?

As the largest city in Africa and the 6th largest city in the world, Cairo has so much to see and do. This city is full of rich history, exciting experiences, delicious coffees, and fabulous foods.

Can you drink alcohol in Egypt?

In Egypt, alcohol is still an option despite the majority of the population being Muslims. Egyptians do not drink alcohol, but a few do, so it is not illegal in Egypt to consume alcohol. There are many alcoholic beverages served in hotels, restaurants, and bars in tourist areas.

Where are the best places to visit in Egypt?

Egypt is a destination that leaves visitors spoiled for choice. With so much to see, the struggle for many visitors is just where to begin – as always, we’re happy to help! Here is our pick of the 8 best places to visit in Egypt. Egypt’s bustling

What are the best sites in Egypt?

Giza. Giza or ‘Al Giza’ is undoubtedly a tourist hotspot in Egypt and the site of some of Ancient Egypt’s most famous landmarks,most notably,the famous Pyramids of

  • Abu Simbel. Abu Simbel is an archaeological site in Egypt housing a series of incredible Ancient Egyptian monuments,especially a number of rock temples.
  • Saqqara.
  • Villa of the Birds.
  • What are the best things to see in Egypt?

    Start with an authentic breakfast.

  • Ride a camel.
  • Eat kushari.
  • Go sandboarding.
  • Cruise the Nile.
  • Discover Islamic Cairo.
  • Drink Asab El Sokar.
  • Tour Egypt’s ancient wonders.
  • Dive into the Red Sea.
  • Visit El Fayoum.
  • What are the best things to do in Egypt?

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