What is Kizuna in Japanese?

The Japanese word “kizuna”, meaning bonds or connections between people, has been chosen as Japan’s kanji of 2011.

What is a Kizna?

Kizuna (絆) is a Japanese word meaning “bond”.

Who is Kizuna Ai in real life?

actress Nozomi Kasuga
The identity of Kizuna AI’s voice model had long been unknown; however, on 24 April 2020 it was announced on Twitter that voice actress Nozomi Kasuga provides her voice.

Is Kizuna AI part of Hololive?

Hololive by Cover Cop is, besides Kizuna Ai, one of the most important VTuber agencies. It’s one of the most popular agglomeration of VTuber there is with over a hundred talents.

Why did Kizuna quit?

Kizuna AI Kizuna AI is going on hiatus after her Hello, World 2022 concert. The star explained that things have changed since she started ⁠— especially given the rapid rise of VTubers since 2020. She now wants to catch up, bringing innovative content to her fans.

How old is Noriko Sonozaki?


Name (Kanji) 園崎 法子
Age 16
Height 165 Cm
What Is Likeable About Her Sonozaki Is Probably The Most Cold And Cruel Person From The Outside , But As The Shell Cracks , It Is Evident That She Cares Deeply For Others. Her Ability To Bear Pain , And Remaining Calm In All Situations Is Impressive.

Why did Kizuna AI go hiatus?

Kizuna AI, heralded as the world’s first VTuber, is going on an “indefinite hiatus” after celebrating her fifth anniversary. The star described her break as a “sleep,” with one last concert on February 26 acting as her signoff for the coming months.

What does Kizuna mean?

Kizuna (絆) is a Japanese word meaning “bond”. It may also refer to: “Kizuna”, a song by the Japanese power metal group Galneryus. “Kizuna Music”, a song form BanG Dream!

What is the Kizuna exhibition?

In Japanese, Kizuna means the bonds of friendship, which we celebrate in this exhibition. Many of the works of art on display have come from major Japanese national museums especially for this exhibition and some have never been seen in the UK before. A 400 year old handscroll painted with monsters is a forerunner of modern animation.

Why a Kizuna magazine?

Similarly, the kizuna cultivated among the countries of the world has the power to deepen cooperation for a better future. By reporting on a wide variety of topics concerning Japan, we hope that this magazine will provide opportunities for Japan and the rest of the world to connect and build strong kizuna.

What is the story of kitsune?

Kitsune first debuted in Japanese literature in the eighth century, and their legend has never faded since. They can be found as statues around ancient shrines for Inari, on calligraphy scrolls by Japan’s finest artists, and of course, in thousands of folktales.