What is Humphrey Dunfee in Unwind?

Humphrey Dunfee is an urban legend intended to scare kids (think: Candyman or the witch’s uvula). It’s first mentioned in Chapter 7, as if kids who are going to be unwound need more to be scared of.

What is EMBY’s last name in Unwind?

Zachary, also known as Emby (short for Mouth Breather) is another AWOL Unwind that Connor Lassiter met on the way to the Graveyard.

What happened to the admiral in Unwind?

After having traditional heart surgery (declining an organ from an Unwind), the Admiral returns home and is reunited with all the people who possess a part of his son. His good deeds pay off.

Why was Harlan unwound?

The Admiral’s son and the real person behind the urban legend of Humphrey Dunfee. When Harlan began acting out in the years after the Heartland War, the Admiral was pressured to unwind him to set an example.

Who does Connor think killed the Goldens?

Inside are the five Goldens, all dead. The Admiral wants Connor’s help finding out who did it. Of course Connor thinks Roland did it, now he just needs proof. Connor helps the Admiral bury them in the desert; then he starts spying on Roland as much as he can.

What job does Risa get at the graveyard?

At the Graveyard, Risa became the chief medic.

What is the true story of Humphrey dunfee?

Humphrey’s story is an urban legend that holds that when Humphrey was a teen, his parents unwound him—but after the fact, they experienced crushing remorse and went on a killing spree, murdering every person who received a body part from their son.

Do Risa and Connor end up together?

Risa Ward. Connor and Risa are a couple, fully committed and in love with one another. Connor goes so far as to say that she is the only girl he ever truly loved.

How did Unwind end?

At the end of the book, Risa is paralyzed by the explosions and refuses treatment in order to not be unwound and because she doesn’t want to have a new spine from an Unwind. She rekindles her relationship with Connor and joins him at The Graveyard when he became the new leader.

Who are the Goldens Unwind?

The Goldens were the five seventeen-year olds who were once in charge of the Graveyard, under the Admiral. They are Amp, Jeeves, Melinda, Kevin and Raul.

Why does Connor say nice socks?

He succeeds best at irritating others, like when he employs his trademark “Nice socks” (2.19. 108; 4.27. 20; 5.48. 5) quip to distract and annoy cops, guards, or other authority figures that try to hinder his progress.

Who is CyFi unwind?

CyFi is a teen that helps Lev when Lev finds himself on the run. CyFi defines words like Lemony Snicket (“Solace—that means ‘comfort'” (3.21. 3)) and knows how to get people to give him food, so he doesn’t have to root through trash. At fifteen, CyFi is two years Lev’s senior, and calls him “Fry,” as in small-fry.

Who is Humphrey Dunfee?

Harlan became known as ” Humphrey Dunfee “, and his parents were told to be psychotic. The father, the Admiral, was a government employee who managed to hack into the National Unwind Database, the parts department, and accessed the unwinding records of his son.

What happened in unwind by Neal Shusterman?

The Graveyard – The place where some unwinds are sent, where they can live in secret up to the age of 18. Run by the Admiral until his retirement. This is a full plot summary of what happened in Unwind by Neal Shusterman. Check out our recap list for more recaps.

How did the father get the unwinding records of his son?

The father, the Admiral, was a government employee who managed to hack into the National Unwind Database, the parts department, and accessed the unwinding records of his son.

Why don’t unwinds die in unwind?

The reasoning is that, since 99.44% of the body is used, unwinds do not technically die because their individual body parts live on. Unwind received positive reviews upon release, with praise focusing on the novel’s immersive environment and sociological implications. It received the Best Book for Young Adults award.