What is High Point crochet?

SKU: M20121. 1 review. The High Point Afghan is a crochet afghan pattern made with super bulky weight yarn that has an easy level of difficulty.

What are the crochet abbreviations?

Abbreviations for Basic Crochet Stitches

Abbreviation Term
sc single crochet
dc double crochet
hdc half double crochet
tr or trc treble crochet or triple crochet

What are three crochet terms?

That said, “cl” refers generally to clusters. dc = double crochet, which is one of the most common basic stitches in crocheting. dec = decrease, which is a technique used for shaping in crochet. dtr = double treble crochet.

What are the symbols for crochet?


  • or.
  • represents a single crochet (sc).
  • represents a half double crochet (hdc).
  • represents a double crochet (dc).
  • represents a treble crochet (tr).
  • represents a slip stitch (sl st)—this symbol resembles the chain symbol, but is filled in.
  • represents a 4-treble crochet cluster (4-tr cl).

What does PE mean in crochet?

Help! A Pattern in Spanish

Spanish Abbreviation English (US)
Punto raso, punto corredizo, punto enano pe Slip Stitch
Punto bajo pb Single crochet
Punto medio alto pma Half double crochet
Punto alto pa Double crochet

What is crochet rnd?

rnd: round. RS: right side. sc: single crochet. sc2tog: single crochet 2 stitches together.

What does SPS mean in crochet?

It is sometimes shown as sp(s), which means spaces. You also may see ch-sp, which means chain space. Sp or sp(s) means you will crochet into the space between stitches. Ch-sp means, when crocheting a chain, you will skip a stitch and work into the next.

What does PC mean in crochet?

popcorn stitch
The popcorn stitch (abbreviated pop or pc) is a nicely rounded, compact oval that stands out from the fabric. It takes a bit more time to make than other raised stitches, but it’s well worth the effort.

What does HK mean in crochet?

hdc = half double crochet hk = hook.

What does C mean in crochet?

BPtr = back post triple crochet(s) C: CA = color A. CB = color B. CC = contrasting color.

What does low point mean in crochet?

Punto alto is directly translated as High Stitch, or as we know it double crochet. Punto bajo is directly translated as low point, or as we know it single crochet. Punto raso is directly translated as satin stitch or satin point. We know it as slip stitch.

What is crochet?

Definition of crochet (Entry 1 of 2) : needlework consisting of the interlocking of looped stitches formed with a single thread and a hooked needle

What does PC mean in crochet terms?

Most Common Crochet Terms and Abbreviations. pc = popcorn, a textured crochet stitch similar to clusters and bobbles. Patterns using these stitches usually explain how the designer intends the stitch to be made at the beginning of the pattern where you will also see the crochet abbreviation preferred by that designer.

What is a crochet hook?

JML Images / Getty Images. Definition: Crochet is a needlework technique performed using a crochet hook plus fiber or other similar material. Most typically, this material is yarn or crochet thread, but it might also be fabric, wire, twine, or other innovative material.

What does ch (s) mean in crochet?

ch(s)= chain(s). This is one of the most common abbreviations that you will see since nearly all crochet patterns begin with chains. Many also include chains throughout the design. As a beginner crocheter who is first learning the language of the craft, this is one of the crochet terms you’ll quickly remember.