What is Glasgow Kentucky famous for?

Location of Glasgow in Barren County, Kentucky. The city is well known for its annual Scottish Highland Games. In 2007, Barren County was named the number one rural place to live by The Progressive Farmer magazine.

How did Glasgow Kentucky get its name?

The name Glasgow is attributed to John Matthews, one of the early pioneers in the county. Matthews was a native of Scotland and tradition states that the town was named by him in honor of his birthplace.

How old is Glasgow Kentucky?

Founded in 1799 as the county seat of Barren County, the city of 14,470 was named by trustee John Matthews, who was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and dubbed the south-central Kentucky town after his birthplace.

When was Glasgow Kentucky founded?

Glasgow, the seat of Barren county, is located near the center of the county at Big Spring between the forks of Beaver Creek. It was founded in 1799 with the county and named for the city in Scotland. Glasgow was incorporated in 1809.

How do you pronounce Glasgow Scotland?


  1. IPA: /ˈɡlasɡou/, [ˈɡlaz.ɣ̞ou̯]
  2. Hyphenation: Glas‧gow.

How big is Glasgow Kentucky?

15.95 mi²Glasgow / Area

Does it snow in Glasgow?

Despite what many people think, Glasgow does not get much snow at all. Most of the time, when it does snow in the city, the snow doesn’t lie on the ground for very long; it normally melts quickly and turns to slush. That’s when you need wellies. Average number of days per month with gale force winds in Glasgow.

Is Glasgow KY A good place to live?

Glasgow is a great town with good public schools, good employment opportunities, low cost of living, and is a small town so commute is always short. Glasgow is a nice sized small town. It is between Bowling Green and Elizabethtown so you don’t have too far to drive to get to a larger town.