What is Ecologo certified?

ECOLOGO Certifications are voluntary, multi-attribute, life cycle-based environmental certifications that indicate a product has undergone rigorous scientific testing and exhaustive auditing to prove its compliance with stringent, third-party environmental standards.

What does UL Ecologo mean?

ECOLOGO® Certification demonstrates overall product sustainability. UL ECOLOGO® Certification is based on multi-attribute, life-cycle-based sustainability standards. All products certified to an ECOLOGO Standard must meet or exceed each of the listed criteria before receiving the Mark.

What is the difference between GreenGuard and GreenGuard gold?

GreenGuard and GreenGuard Gold Certifications GreenGuard has two levels of certification that measure VOC levels in products. GreenGuard allows – 500 μg/m3 total VOCs. GreenGuard Gold allows – 220 μg/m3 total VOCs. (GreenGuard Children and Schools which also measured for phthalates as well as VOCs, no longer exists).

Is UL for profit?

UL As a Non-Profit Company Underwriters Laboratories is considered a global not-for-profit safety science company that is based out of the United States. It is the largest and oldest testing laboratory that was founded in 1894. Underwriter Laboratories is funded by grants, document licensing, and fees.

What means UL approval?

The UL Listed seal means that the product has been tested by UL to nationally recognized safety and sustainability standards. Additionally, it has been found to be free from a reasonably foreseeable risk of fire, electric shock in a Division 2 environment.

Is greenguard gold safe?

If you have children or elderly in the house, a Greenguard Gold Certified product is a perfect choice because it limits chemical emissions. These low-emitting products don’t release significant chemical compounds into the air. They reduce the chances of chemical toxicity in our indoor spaces.

What are green certifications?

Green rating or certification is used to indicate the level of environmental friendliness for real estate properties. In the US, it is a real estate designation for REALTORs approved by the (American) National Association of Realtors (NAR).