What is deddedolight?

dedolight Patented Aspheric Optics in combination with specially developed LED light sources in daylight and bicolor variations. For use as on-board or off-board light, multi-functional and versatile as tiny interview and documentary lighting, for accents and special effects. Amazing output in combination with dedolight double aspheric optics.

Why choose works with Dedolight panaura soft boxes?

Works with the proven dedolight DEB402DT ballast (same ballast as for DLH402DT focusing daylight fixture). Both dedolight Panaura® soft boxes feature huge diffuser areas producing a beautiful, wrap around, soft light. These Panaura® soft boxes are extremely flat, making them ideal for work in confined spaces.

What are the features of The Dedolight Series 400?

Originally developed for the award winning dedolight Series 400, this breakthrough optical technology with two relation computed aspherical lenses and a zoom focus mechanism allows for smooth and even light distribution in all focus positions, increased focusing range and still uses 12 V and 24 V low voltage lamps.

What are the different types of Dedolight available?

Available in monocolor versions as daylight or tungsten. Also available as bicolor, tunable 2700K to over 6500K. Available with DMX as pole-operated versions (DLED7, optional). One of the most desirable, fully portable, very capable lighting packages for the small team with all the known dedolight advantages plus optional battery operation.

What is a Mocho?

Mocho is a big, round Loomian inside of a white bowl with a blue stripe. It has two feet wearing geta, a form of traditional Japanese footwear resembling flip-flops. On either side of the bowl, Mocho has two other small heads each with a stick on their heads, resembling hands.

Why choose Dedolight Lightstream?

These lights can be used on their own for beautiful mood lighting, very gentle and subtle, but they can also serve in combination with structured light as we offer with our focusing lights and with the entire range of reflected light – dedolight Lightstream.

What does Mocho do loomian legacy?

Mocho’s frozen core can emit a frigid pulse that can freeze moisture in the air, causing it to snow. Mocho is available in all games of the Loomian Legacy series.