What is Data Model TR-069?

The Broadband Forum defines several data models for use with the CPE WAN Management Protocol (TR-069 Amendment 6). These data models contain objects and parameters that describe the many different functions and capabilities available to devices and services that are manageable via CWMP.

What is TR-069 interface?

TR-069 (also known as CWMP or CPE WAN Management Protocol) is an Internet protocol based on XML/SOAP. It enables remote and safe configuration of network devices.

How do I setup my TR-069?

Configuring TR-069 Settings

  1. Click System Management > TR-069 Settings.
  2. In the TR-069 Settings area, click Enable to enable the TR-069 server, or click Disable to disable it.
  3. In the ACS area, specify the settings of the ACS remote management server:
  4. In the CPE area, specify the CPE settings for TR-069 remote management:

What is EasyCwmp?

EasyCwmp is a GPLv2 open source implementation of the TR069 cwmp standard. EasyCwmp is developed by PIVA Software and it is derived from the project freecwmp. The aim of this project is to be fully conform with the TR069 CWMP standard. Get it.

What is ACS tr69?

Cloud ACS is a TR-069 Auto Configuration Server (ACS) that enables Telcos and ISPs to manage their devices remotely in a cost-effective SaaS delivery model.

What is ACS CPE?

An Auto Configuration Server (ACS): The management server on the network. Customer premises equipment (CPE): The device that is managed on the network. DNS server: Used to resolve the URL that is required for the ACS and CPE to interact. DHCP server: This can be used to assign an IP address to a device on the network.

What is GenieACS?

GenieACS is a high performance Auto Configuration Server (ACS) for remote management of TR-069 enabled devices. It utilizes a declarative and fault tolerant configuration engine for automating complex provisioning scenarios at scale.

What is CWMP Tplink?

CWMP Settings. The router offers CWMP feature. The function supports TR-069 protocol which collects information, diagnoses the devices and configures the devices automatically via ACS (Auto-Configuration Server). 1. Visit http://tplinkmodem.net, and log in with the password or your TP-Link ID.

What is CWMP setup in router?

So CWMP is a system that allows your ISP to configure, or to re-configure, your router over the internet so you don’t have to. Loosely speaking, CWMP works using an HTTP-based call-home mechanism, so that your router connects outwards from your home network, just like a browser might.

What is the data model template for TR-069-enabled devices?

Data Model Template for TR-069-Enabled Devices TR-106 Issue 1 Amendment 3 September 2009© The Broadband Forum. All rights reserved.101 Annex B. CWMP Device Type XML Schema B.1 Introduction The CWMP Device Type XML Schema [16], or DT Schema, is used for describing a device’s supported data model. It is specified in B.4.

What is a TR-069 technical report?

This Technical Report also defines an XML Schema that allows a device to describe its supported TR-069 data models. This description is both specific and detailed, allowing an ACS to know exactly what is supported by the device, including any vendor-specific objects and parameters.

What is the SupportedDatamodel object in tr-157?

TR-157 [17] defines a SupportedDataModel Object (a sub-object of the DeviceInfo Common Object) that allows a TR-069-capable device to indicate its Supported Data Model to the ACS, which assists the ACS in managing that device.

What is the tr-069/tr-369 bulk data collection mechanism?

The TR-069/TR-369 Bulk Data Collection Mechanism This creates a channel outside of the management channel that can be dedicated to collecting mass telemetry. This is powerful, as it allows providers: the ability to use separate application servers to collect data (taking the load off of the traditional ACS)