What is CPC Module 2 test?

Mod 2 is the ‘Case Study’ or theory test part of the Driver CPC Initial Qualification conducted at the theory test centre, The module 2 case studies test involves a series of questions based on real-life scenarios that a student may encounter during their day-to-day work as the driver of a large goods vehicle or bus.

Is the CPC case study hard?

It is quite an intensive test – 115 minutes long with 100 questions to answer, and you must get 85 right to pass. Sometimes, there will be more than one correct answer, and the test will notify you if this is the case.

What is a CPC conversion?

Cost per conversion is a metric used to identify how much it actually costs a Web advertiser to acquire each real customer – one that actually makes a purchase. The cost includes all the traffic for the duration of a campaign, during which conversions are also tracked.

Can you fail CPC Module 2?

If you fail Module 2 of the Driver CPC, your results letter will explain why you have failed and provide feedback. You can book a re-test on the same day but this will take a minimum of three working days to be cleared and approved.

What is LGV module 1a and 1b?

Module 1a. This is a theory test consisting of 100 multiple choice questions relative to HGV/LGV or PCV (depending on which you are taking). To pass this you must answer at least 85 correctly. Module 1b (Hazard Perception) The Hazard Perception test consists of 19 clips with 20 score-able hazards.

How long is CPC Module 4?

The CPC Module 4 assessment takes 30 minutes to complete. Your examiner will expect you to explain your reasons for certain actions. They will also ask you to demonstrate these actions in practice where possible.

Can I do my CPC test online?

You do not need to have passed the Driver CPC part 1 theory test. If you’re requalifying as a heavy goods vehicle ( HGV ) or bus driver by taking parts 2 and 4 of the test, you cannot book your test online. You have to book by phone instead.

What’s the pass mark for CPC case study?

What is the pass mark for the Driver CPC Case Studies? The maximum score you can achieve is 50 and the pass mark is 40.

What is a Driver CPC test?

The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) is a qualification for professional bus, coach and lorry drivers. It has been introduced across Europe with the aim of improving road safety and maintaining high standards of driving.

Can you fail a CPC test?

Each CPC training course lasts a minimum of seven hours, and there is no pass or fail element to these tests. Drivers can check their Driver CPC periodic training record online to see how many hours they have completed.

Can I do my CPC before I pass my test?

You don’t need to pass the initial qualification but you must complete 35 hours of periodic training to keep your Driver CPC. This only applies to the following: If you are a BUS or COACH DRIVER and got your vocational licence (D, D1, D+E and D1+E) before the 10th September 2008.

Are there case studies in theory test 2021?

Your theory test will contain one case study video with 3 questions. These new case studies will not replace the current theory test, you will still be asked 50 multiple-choice questions and hazard perception videos.