What is acpid service?

The acpid daemon provides intelligent power management on a system and allows to query battery and configuration status by supporting the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI). The ACPI events are notified to the user-space programs by acpid.

What is the acpid service in Ubuntu?

acpid is designed to notify user-space programs of ACPI events. acpid should be started during the system boot, and will run as a background process, by default. It will open an events file (/proc/acpi/event by default) and attempt to read whole lines which represent ACPI events.

How do I control the acpid service immediately?

To control the acpid service immediately, use the service utility: Start the service as follows: Stop the service as follows: Check if the serivce is started or stopped: If the service is started, then restart it, otherwise do nothing. Determine which system run levels the service is active:

What is acpid service in Linux?

Linux OS Service ‘acpid’. The acpid daemon supports the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) to allow intelligent power management on your system and to query battery and configuration status. It listens on a file (/proc/acpi/event) and when an event occurs, executes programs to handle the event.

What is the purpose of acpid?

Acpid reads events from it. The default file is /proc/acpi/event. Keeps acpid in the foreground by not forking at startup. Tells acpid to log information related to all the events and actions. Changes the lock file that is used to stop event processing.

How to start/stop/disable services using sc command in Windows?

To Start, Stop, and Disable Services using Sc Command 1 Open an elevated command prompt, and do step 2 (stop), step 3 (disable), step 4 (enable), or step 5 (start) below for what you would like to do. 2. To Stop a Service using “Sc Stop” Command in Command Prompt