What is a Yamaha TMAX?

What is a Yamaha TMAX? Yamaha TMAX Scooter: Blurring the boundaries between scooter and motorcycle – a super sport automatic fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, four-valve per cylinder engine boasts, controlled-fill, die-cast aluminum frame, 43 millimeter front forks, four-piston caliper dual front disc brakes, and rear disc brake.

What trip units are compatible with the Tmax T7 and T8?

Tmax T7 and T8 with PR332/P trip units and PR330/V are the answer for the same application for currents up to 1600A and 3200A. Mentioned trip units have an option to be integrated in a communication network.

What’s new on the Honda Tmax?

From a design standpoint, everything from the bodywork, fascia, and stance of the TMAX has been redesigned to give the scooter a sportier aesthetic. It now gets slimmer LED headlights, as well as two air intakes situated beneath either headlight.

How powerful is the 2022 Honda Tmax?

For 2022, the TMAX’s engine remains unchanged, with a Euro 5-compliant parallel-twin engine displacing 560 cubes. Power is rated at 47.5 ponies. As far as tech and premium feature go, there’s no doubt that the TMAX sits on top when it comes to scooters.

Globally Yamaha uses the TMAX name for a range of models up to 750cc, but in North America the name has only been used for this model. The TMAX was originally introduced in Europe for the 2001 model year.

How fast does a Tmax scooter go?

This TMAX motor does an adequate job for a maxi but it’s not at the same sporty level as the rest of the scooter. Top speed is an impressive 100mph, but it is leisurely about getting there. Hitting 60mph takes 10-11 seconds which means you’ll be battling Corolla’s off the line.

Where can I find a Service Repair Manual for my Yamaha TMAX?

Motor Era offers service repair manuals for your Yamaha TMAX – DOWNLOAD your manual now! Yamaha TMAX service repair manuals 2001 Yamaha XP500 / XP500N Tmax Service Repair Manual Download!!!

When did the Tmax come out in the US?

The first version of the TMAX (XP500) was offered briefly in the USA (2009 – 2011) before a three year hiatus, after which it returned to the USA for 2015 in revised from as the TMAX 530. That version was offered again in 2016 before being discontinued.