What is a good size deck for above ground pool?

A good rule of thumb is for a deck’s square footage to be at least the same as your pool’s square footage. To illustrate with a simple example, say a rectangle pool is 15 feet wide by 30 feet long. With a 450-square-foot pool, the deck should also be at least 450 square feet.

How much does it cost to build a deck over a pool?

Your final pool deck price can be anywhere between $3,000 and $12,000.

How long does above ground pool last?

2018. A high-quality above ground pool from Valley Pool & Spa should last between 10 and 20 years depending on how well you care for it. However, your pool liner will not last as long as your pool. Contact a pool expert at our store to see if you need a new liner before you decide to replace your entire pool.

How do I make my above-ground pool awesome?

12 above ground pool ideas to help you cool off all summer long

  1. Add brickwork for an instant facelift.
  2. Add greenery around your pool.
  3. Add a deck to the perimeter to make it look built-in.
  4. Try adding cute lighting to create a cozy atmosphere.
  5. Consider adding a canopy for shade.
  6. Try adding a funky tile for style.

How to build 8×10 raised pool deck?

Your deck plans likely call for posts to be set on each post base to be bolted to the deck framing later.

  • If plans call for posts,cut them a few inches above the finished height of the deck framing.
  • Set the posts in the post base and attach with appropriate post-base hardware nails or screws.
  • How to build deck around an above ground round pool?

    – The deck supports should be screwed into the side of each interior pier that faces the pool. – Screw the supports to the interior piers using 2-1/2 inch deck screws. – Use a level to make sure that the supports are level. Also, use a square at the corners to make sure that the supports are square.

    How to build a wood deck around an inground pool?

    Matching Pool and Deck Height. If your deck and pool top are to be the same height,set posts and leave them slightly long.

  • Framing on Uneven Ground. Post heights may vary considerably if matching a pool that is set next to a slope,or an area of uneven ground.
  • Ledger Boards Against the Pool Frame.
  • What are the different types of above ground pool decks?

    – Round shape with inflatable top – These are the easiest and least expensive type. – Round shape – A little harder to assemble, but will last longer. – Rectangle shape – Rectangle shape soft-sided pools take more to get level and install properly. They last about as long as the round-shaped ones but can be considerably more expensive.